Tuesday, March 15, 2011

MP describes Bahrainis' plight

Source: Press TV

Bahraini lawmaker Ali al-Aswad has described the situation in Manama as catastrophic, calling on the international community to help protesters in the country.

Hospitals in the city cannot accommodate the large number of casualties from the government's violent crackdown on peaceful demonstrators, Aswad told Press TV in a phone interview on Tuesday.

He said people cannot access medical centers around the country as either the hospitals have been closed or protesters are blocked from going to the hospitals by Bahraini security and army forces backed by foreigner Arab troops.

He described the situation in Bahrain as a disaster.

“You cannot believe it is Bahrain a month back. It's totally different,” regretted the MP with the main opposition Al Wefaq bloc.

He went on to say that the government forces are indiscriminately attacking anybody outside on the street: peaceful protesters as well as people who are trying to guard their cars, going home or are shopping their families' basic needs.

Aswad expressed shock at the [Persian] Gulf Cooperation Council for dispatching military forces to Bahrain to confront peaceful demonstrators who are demanding more freedom and change in the government.

Earlier in the day, another Bahraini lawmaker Nada Hafad resigned in protest at the brutal crackdown of anti-government protesters and what she called a “massacre" in Bahrain.

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