Saturday, March 12, 2011

King starts anti-Muslim crusade in US

Republican Congressman Peter King

Source: Press TV

A professor of law says that Congressman Peter King “is launching a new crusade against Muslims in the US,” by sponsoring the so-called hearings on the Radicalization of Muslims in America.

During an exclusive interview with Press TV's US Desk on Friday, author and Professor of Law at Washburn University, Liaquat Ali Khan, said that King is “arguing that there is a threat from the entire Muslim community and that mosques have become centers of radical Islam.”

Khan went on to say that King, the Chairman of the House for Homeland Security Committee, is taking actions similar to those of Republican US Senator, Joseph McCarthy, back in the 1950s.

“Joseph McCarthy also did not make any distinctions and everybody who criticized US policy was considered a communist spy,” Khan opined.

After expressing his concern over King's ignorance of the fact that Muslims in America are from various socio-economic and cultural backgrounds, Khan added, “So this broad sweep is very, very, disturbing. It doesn't respect Muslims as individuals."

Khan voiced that he was disturbed even more that the “House leadership has done nothing to stop him from launching this new crusade against the Muslims."

King has been quoted in the past of having complained that there are too many mosques in the US, and that 85 percent of American mosques and their leaders are radicalized, a figure not backed by accredited statistics.

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