Sunday, March 6, 2011

Jordanians demand constitutional monarchy

Source: Press TV

Amidst the uprisings occurring in the Egypt, Tunisia, and other Middle Eastern countries Jordan is no different. Jordanians have gathered outside al-Husseini mosque for the past few weeks asking for a constitutional monarchy, and so far there are no signs that it will discontinue.

The Jordanians on the streets are demanding the authorities to resolve several fundamental issues, the main one being the rising cost of living that is tantamount to rising poverty. But what changes are to occur?

One of the many organizations pushing for reform is the Teachers’ Association, they are asking for the government to allow their Association to become an official Union. We asked the head of the Amman District Teachers’ Association if there has been any progress regarding their struggle.

Yet as small changes as this might become more widespread many Jordanians remain unsatisfied by token gestures of reform.

So far it seems that political and social changes have encouraged some minor progress in the political status of Jordan. However, the protests in central Amman in the past 10 weeks have shown that the Jordanian people would like to see more substantial changes.

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