Friday, March 4, 2011

Feds waste billions on overlapping programs

Source: Press TV

A new report by the auditing arm of Congress, the General Accountability Office Finds several billion taxpayer dollars are being wasted on redundancy in at least 82 federal programs….

According to the GAO, US taxpayers are being cheated out of billions because Congress allows duplicaton of federal programs….

At this hearing of the House Government Oversight Committee, witnesses told lawmakers they are to blame for voting money to different government agencies That carry out the same programs…

In addition to duplication, on the revenue side The GAO report says 53 billion dollars are being lost to tax subsidies for large oil companies, and that the government fails to collect nearly 300 billion dollars in taxes its owed….

Exchange between Congressma n Kucinich and Tax lady from Taxpayers for Common Sense

Ask Citizens against government Waste, and they'll tell ya that at a time when the US government is reeling from trillions in debt, its taking no steps to consolidate similar programs because of government agency bureaucratic turf battles and congressmen who create programs to please constituents even if it repeats programs

Already in existence…

Taxpayers are not surprised to hear their government wastes money but half a trillion dollars on failing programs the average taxpaying American pays for twice, and uncollected tax revenue lost to the Treasury ?

Members of the committee promised to propose new legislation to consolidate and Cut double paying for essentially the same government programs, but seasoned Capitol Hill observers say they don't expect all the talk to result in actual reductions

In wasteful spending, given they say the history of how the bureaucracy protects its own and somehow manages to grow larger each year.

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