Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Hugo Chavez Dead – (Video Reports)

Chavez Dead – Vice President Accuses “Historical Enemies”

Source: The Real News

Venezuela's Vice President Maduro announces the death of President Hugo Chavez, says they believe Venezuela's enemies are responsible.


Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez Dies of Cancer

Source: Press TV


Hugo Chavez: a Look at the Man, the Myth and the Legacy

Source: RT America

After 14 years serving as the leader of Venezuela, President Hugo Chavez lost his battle against cancer Tuesday evening. The 58-year-old had been seeking treatment in Cuba when he encountered a respiratory infection that ultimately cost him his life. RT America's sister station, RT Spanish, sat down with President Chavez in October 2010. RT Correspondent Meghan Lopez takes a look back at the man, the myth and the legacy he left in Latin America.


Hugo Chavez Democratized Venezuela Making it the Most Equal Country in Latin America

Source: The Real News


Chavez Revered & Reviled: President, TV star, thorn in US side

Source: Russia Today


Rest in Peace Hugo Chavez


Source: Russia Today


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  1. The western establishment are violently obvious about what they want...Hugo Chavez did it right, He took back the nations natural resources back from the parasitic scum that were impoverishing Venezuela. Then Chavez put the money from those resources to work for the people giving them health care education and a better standard of living. The US Government and the Oligarchy want to impoverish EVERY country the way they did all of South America by stealing their natural resources and putting them into huge debt by taking control of their banking systems...Chavez showed the World how to BEAT them...and by God we will!


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