Thursday, March 14, 2013

Global Economics: The Truth and a Warning

Source Video: World United News

By: Stewart Brennan
Every country will face a “Tipping Point” and breakdown of society in the near future due to the crushing economic austerity measures inflicted on the people by the brutal International Banking System that was conceived and designed to acquire wealth and power for an elite few.

When impoverished nations reach their economic tipping point, the governing power structure of those nations will have no options left. They will have to tell those in control of their economic system to bow down to major changes, or they themselves will face the consequences of their inaction.

At the moment, the choice to fix the broken system belongs to those in control of it. I.e.: The International Banking Cartel through the IMF, World Bank, and International Bank of Settlements…however, if the warning is ignored and the choices made by those who govern the system only ensure that the extremely wealthy survive these harsh economic times, then the responsibility to correct the economic disparity will shift to the impoverished masses by virtue of their will to survive.

Be assured that “Civil Unrest” will grow proportionally to the rise in poverty. All one needs for proof is catch a glimpse of what is unfolding in Egypt, Greece, or Spain to see the truth of these words…and there are many other nations at different stages of bankruptcy, poverty and austerity that is being forced upon them by the I.M.F (International Monetary Fund). The victims of the economic system will rise up in their millions because their very survival depends on a just system for all. 

However, the problem is not just that the IMF has taken control of every nations economic sovereignty but that the corporate power structure that comes with the Private banks has also taken control of the natural resources of most countries. 

Making matters worse for the people of the World is that the entire political system in every country, with few exceptions, has been seized at every level by the same corrupt banking system.

Even the opinions on mainstream news are bought and paid for by corporate interests. Don’t believe me? Well Just try to get a differing opinion aired to the public on these mediums and you’ll soon see that it becomes painfully obvious where these news corps feed, because you Will be denied your opinion, just as investigative journalism has been denied when it contradicts the banking or corporate plans of the extremely wealthy that control the mainstream press.

Personally, I no longer watch TV, read newspapers or listen to the radio airwaves anymore because they are arrogantly biased and illogically opposed to common sense.

Call it what you will, but be assured that everyone will wake up to these facts sooner or later and when they do, there will be hell to pay…the degree will depend on how far the banking cartel try to take their illusion.

The Solution:

Nationalize all the private banks in each country to end the existence of “The IMF, World Bank, and the Bank of International Settlements”. Then each country must Nationalize all their natural resources so that the profits go into the nations coffers that supports the communities and the social programs. Reorganize the political structure so that real qualified people govern the nation. Money must not be allowed to affect the political structure ever again.

The World is yours to build, we do not need Private Banks to control it.

Stewart Brennan
World United News

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