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Canada Under Siege – Part 2 - The Economy


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Watching the World descend into economic tyranny due to the IMF and Private for Profit only Banks, really angers the hell out of me, but being Canadian, it especially angers me for what is going on here in Canada…because our government is a party to the theft taking place right here…and that is regardless of what brand of politic sits in governance of our nation.

I was brought up believing that the Banking system in Canada was sound and far superior than the rest of the World simply because we had our own National Bank to issue our own money...and from 1935 to 1974 that was certainly true. But it has not been true since.

Born in Montreal Quebec, Canada in 1960, I’ve seen a lot of things happen to this great country of ours over the years, but I was extremely puzzled why, despite the abundance of our natural resources and government imposed high taxation that we had no money to function or healthy economy. One day I decided to find out why.

What I discovered was that there was a massive theft taking place right under our noses by the IMF and all the other private banks that secretly had embedded themselves into the fabric of our Canadian economy & community…What makes the massive banking crimes so maddening is that I also discovered that all the past and present, Federal & Provincial governments in Canada have had full knowledge of the theft and have been a party to it.

This theft has been going on since 1974 through Federal Conservative, & Liberal governments, and through the Provincial governments of the Conservative, Liberal, NDP, and Parti Quebecois parties. They ALL knew what was going on, and by their knowledge of these banking crimes, they have all committed treason against the people of  this nation for doing nothing about it. Maybe the Chamber of Commerce has something to do with it…since all political parties feast there.

By giving the power to create money to the IMF & its ring of Private Banks, and also by giving our natural resources to foreign business cartels, The Federal & Provincial governments have sold out the Canadian people!…est les Quebec libre aussi. We’re not so libre as we might like so we are all in this mess together.

The debt we owe today, with the National and Provincial debt combined, comes to around 1 Trillion dollars. The interest payment on 1 Trillion dollars if it was at 4% is 40 billion dollars. That works out to about 110 million dollars every day just to pay the interest on a loan that should never have been made in the first place!

The Bank of Canada:

The Bank of Canada was created in 1935 to restart the Canadian economy and regain the peoples trust through a Canadian centralized banking system. The issuance of our own currency, by our own National Bank came without interest or compound interest added, thus allowing Canada to prosper and not go into debt despite the huge work projects and social programs that were created to elevate society back from the trash heap.

Huge government programs were created to put people back to work and thus created some of the most important National Corporations between those thriving years of 1935 to 1974. These corporations were owned by Canadians under a banking system that used an interest free currency…everything belonged to us during that time, including the right to make our own budget.

Large-scale social programs such as Medicare, and social benefits for families…old age pensions all emerged out of this economic model…and it was a model that worked for everyone while it was in place.

The Personal Income Tax collected from individuals became the government’s biggest source of income to keep our own sovereign system in place. In essence, We worked and invested in our country at the same time. The nation prospered and provided us with a higher standard of living while not going into to debt.

All was well and fine until 1974 when the Government of Canada gave the IMF and private banks the power to create the Canadian dollar and to charge us compound interest on loaning us our own money. The result of this giveaway is that we no longer have control of our currency or our governing budget. It belongs to private banks and their centralized private I.M.F.

Since 1974, Federal and Provincial government budgets are borrowed from Private Banks with Compound interest attached. That means we lose large amounts of our wealth and hard earned money to pay back the compound interest that came with the loans…and since the money has to come from somewhere, Canadians became tax targets while at the same time we lose our social programs by government spending cuts directed and ordered by the IMF through banking blackmail. The international economic system is completely rigged…in other words, if you don’t do what the IMF tells you, your bond rating will be lowered and the interest on the loans will be increased…

Compound interest, by practice, steals all the money slated to maintain our infrastructure and social programs…as the interest on the loan builds, the debt increases, which then gives the governments the ok to increase our taxes, or borrow more money from the private banks. The whole charade sends the economy into perpetual inflation mode. This cycle has drastically lowered our standard of living since 1974 and All past & present governments are responsible and should be questioned on their knowledge of the theft taking place, or their incompetence of what was taking place….a thorough PUBLIC investigation into this is required at the very LEAST!

Shortly after the IMF took control of our monetary system, our National Corporations such as the Canadian National Railway, Air Canada, and Petro Canada, were sold by the Canadian government at the behest of those that control and loan us our money. Have a look into the Chamber of Commerce…there you’ll see where government business decisions come from. The Chamber of Commerce is a Private Club made up of Banks and Big Business Owners. Needless to say, National Corporations were sold to international private interests, And now they want to sell off programs by privatizing things like health care.

It is very important to note, that what disappeared with National Corporations such as Petro Canada, was the control of our natural resources and the profits they would have brought directly into the country’s coffers if we were not enslaved to the IMF and their scheme of compound debt. Instead, all profits from our natural resources go into the private pockets of the Corporate Share Holders while the rest of us pay increased taxes and allow them to steal it.


International Corporations pay rental fees to the Provincial & Federal Governments on the Canadian land they are raping…of course anyone in government that is pushing for corporate interests is on a committee that receives special compensation. To me this is nothing short of bribery…this type of behavior is shady, dishonest, and amounts to high treason against the people of Canada and should be publicly investigated with prison sentences for those found guilty. In light of these accusations I am making here, I find that the government is nothing more than a crime syndicate for big business, and it is time for these criminals to GO!

Now that the pillars of economic stability have been removed, Canadians find themselves at the mercy of the International banks that are TELLING us what to keep, what to sell and where to cut the budget. Our government not only sold us out, they refuse to change the economic climate for the betterment of its people…that means they do not work for the people of Canada but the private owners of the International Banks!

The next Canadian Federal election is in 2015 so we have time to organize the people of this country to take back our nation. To know which politician to vote for, make sure they are decidedly for removing the Private banks from issuing our money and to nationalize ALL our resources. It’s time to take our country back and this is the way to do it.


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