Friday, February 3, 2012

'No reason for US to retain military bases abroad'

Source: Press TV

There is no logical reason for the United States to continue running military bases in foreign countries, a political analyst tells Press TV's US Desk.

Professor Jennifer Loewenstein, associate director of Middle East Studies Program at University of Wisconsin, told our channel on Thursday that she did not think that “the United States has any reason to continue operating 1,100 US military bases” overseas.

The United States is estimated to have from 700 to over 1000 military bases overseas, which range from small drone sites on foreign airfields to vast facilities, according to the Canadian newspaper, National Post.

People imprisoned in these bases “have not ever been rightly convicted,” Loewenstein noted, adding that they “are called terrorists without [people] knowing what their backgrounds are.”

She went on to say that Washington had no right to operate bases in other countries or use them for the purposes of detention, torture, execution, and carrying out covert military operations. “All of the reasons that we are there overseas are questionable.”

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