Monday, September 12, 2011

The Zionist Inquisition

By: Stewart Brennan

The Israeli Government, their Zionist Lobby groups, JDL, and IDF with their anti-semitic bark is the same BS that the French and Spanish Inquisitions used on the peoples of their time. Anyone who questions or opposes Israeli policy today becomes a heretic and an enemy of the Zionist state that conveniently uses the Jewish holocaust as a weapon and as a shield for its evil gains or intent. Anyone in the 911 truth movement will understand the accusations of  heresy by the 911 inquisition right away.

I am 100% against Zionism and Nazism. To me, both political views are one and the same because they use the tragedy of the people as a political face to achieve their Nation State agenda, and then become the inquisition when anyone opposes them. In reality they are nothing but cold blooded killers without empathy for life or for mankind. There is not one ounce of humanity in them.

When the Zionists are challenged on the siege of Gaza, the Illegal settlements in the West Bank, the piracy in international waters, the deliberate killing of peaceful protesters and humanitarian activists, or the aggressive wars on their neighbors, the Zionist’s hide behind the tragic events that befell the Jewish people of the past and use those past events as a justification to rape, pillage, and murder the people of Palestine, Lebanon, Egypt, and Syria.

What becomes immediately clear, and very disturbing, is when the lobby groups the Zionists have established within the western countries begin pushing funded politicians to sing in unison with the Zionist position. Quite often the whole act plays out in the US Congress, Parliament or the UN Security Council where Zionism uses the US veto as their ace in the hole for favor.

We will see this same scenario play out again on September 20th, 2011, when Palestine petitions the UN general assembly for recognition as a nation. We already know that the UN General Assembly will approve the Statehood of Palestine and that when it goes to the UN Security council, the USA will veto the motion. That is the democracy that the US and Israel boast about. To me that is dictatorship plain and simple.

The US is the biggest focal point of Billions of dollars worth in political campaign payoffs that are given in exchange for supporting Israel rather than the American people, and the same thing can be said about Canada, Britain, France, Germany, Italy, and many other places the Zionists can steal allegence.

The standing governments in the West do not serve their citizens but the wishes of a brutal Zionist regime. Witness the fascist tactics seen at the Pittsburgh, and Toronto G20 protests and you can expect more brutality in the future as deep integration and security mixes with Israel’s. (Too late!! It's already in place!)

Western politicians and the security forces they unleash on the people should be brought up on charges of treason at the VERY LEAST. Especially those politicians that accept campaign contributions OR other means of bribery. To vote for anything where another country benifits is also treason. Any security chief that takes an oath to serve and protect their community and breaks that countries, constitution, or "Charter of Rights and Freedoms” should go to jail!

The democracy that Obama, Harper, and all the other puppets such as Cameron, and Sarkozy spew out when they talk about how great it is to live in freedom, are really talking about dictatorship. That sure isn’t MY view of democracy. Apparently my father and millions of others won a major war…for this? NO! I don’t thinks so!!

The illusion cast by these scumbags would disappear if we had a direct democracy where people could vote on ALL legislation. The reality is that the Zionist controlled corporations and banks fund all legislation for their own greedy gains. Just look at the laws passed and you know that the peoples representation is nowhere to be seen.

Politicians make decisions based on what the lobby groups push, which is based on what the Zionist elites want, and right now, that means supporting Israel at all costs regardless of the legalities or impacts on human life.

As a moral law abiding person that has empathy for life, I do NOT support a bunch of murderers and thieves that continue to ethnically cleanse the native people of Palestine. I do NOT support cold blooded killers, assassins, or War Criminals, and I do NOT support ANY government that caters to these Zionist evils and that includes the treasonous basterds in Ottawa who have been in complete support and active participants in the Zionist Inquisition!

Stand up for the people of Palestine and STOP your country from supporting the Zionist Regime in Israel. I am not against Jewish people, I am against Zionism and all its evil crimes! So, Obama, the US Congress, along with Stephen Harper and his Neocon scumbags, take your Zionist Inquisition and stuff it up your ass!!!

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