Thursday, September 1, 2011

Britain moves to fix 'broken society'

Source: Press TV

The British government ministers have been given just one month to come up with brand new initiatives to fix Britain's “broken society,” according to news reports.

Upon return from his holiday in Cornwall, British Prime Minister David Cameron on Tuesday chaired the first meeting of the government's new social policy review to address recent unrest in the country.

The premier is seeking to fix the “moral collapse” behind the unrest that swept across towns and cities earlier this month.

Cameron tasked ministers in all departments with drawing up new initiatives and asked them to consider whether other plans need to be accelerated.

The British prime minister has already floated the idea of a 'national citizen service', an eight-week programme of community service, team-building and physical challenges, which was due to be offered to 30,000 youngsters next year but could now be expanded to offer places to all 16-year-olds.

Now, he is asking ministers to examine virtually all government policies, including benefits, schools, policing and human rights to see if more can be done.

Earlier this month he said he was determined to turn around the prospects of 120,000 problem families blamed for many of Britain's social ills.

A Downing Street spokeswoman said the review would look at whether current government initiatives and programmes are “big enough and bold enough to deliver the change the country now wants to see.”

“It's to do that check on where we are in terms of existing policy development and whether it continues to meet the demands that have been made,” she added.

“It looks at the whole set of issues regarding broken society - it could be schools, family policy, parenting, communities, human rights, health and safety, cultural, legal, bureaucratic problems, services the government provides and how they are delivered and the signals that government sends about the kind of behaviours that are encouraged and rewarded,” the spokeswoman said.

Britain was rocked with an unprecedented mayhem in its contemporary history, a situation which rattled each and every fibers of the establishment and sent a strong message to its strategists to be watchful and on guard.

The unrest was triggered by the shooting of a black man by police in a London suburb, but quickly spread to other towns and cities.

More than 2,000 people have been arrested in the aftermath of the unrest, of whom almost a quarter are juveniles under 17 years of age and many of them have been charged with criminal behaviour.

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