Thursday, September 1, 2011

'British forces in Libya to hunt Gaddafi'

British soldiers (file photo)

Source: Press TV

Britain's Special Air Service (SAS) officers are in Libya to search for the fugitive ruler Muammar Gaddafi as his son, Seif al-Islam pledges to continue fighting, a report says.

Large numbers of SAS officers have arrived at Libyan coasts to start hunting for Gaddafi and his network of supporters, sources in Libya told Britain's ITV News on Wednesday.

A smaller group of British special forces have launched their operations from the eastern city of Benghazi, the report said.

Britain's Ministry of Defense has refused to confirm the report, saying the government is not willing to comment on operations carried out by special forces.

Since NATO launched its air campaign in Libya, Britain has conducted secret operations in the North African country to cut off the regime from its vital resources, British media said.

British government has set up "Libya Oil Cell" to cut the Gaddafi regime access to fuel and make sure revolutionary fighters in eastern Libya can get the reserves.

A British Royal Air Forces plane on Wednesday flew nearly 280 million Libyan dinars ($212 million) to Libya to be distributed to banks to enable them to pay the public sector workers who have not received their salaries during the six months of conflict in the country.

Britain's move comes a day after the UN gave permission to the European country to release some of the frozen assets of the Libyan fugitive ruler.

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