Thursday, June 2, 2011

Japan PM survives no-confidence vote

Despite securing himself a few more months, the embattled Japanese premier has lost his popularity in Japan

Source: Press TV

Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan has survived a no-confidence motion in the East Asian country's parliament over his 'mishandling' of the post-quake nuclear crisis.

The lower house of parliament rejected the motion against the embattled premier, allowing him to continue his plans to handle issues related to March 11 earthquake, the ensuing tsunami, and the subsequent nuclear crisis in Japan, AFP reported.

The motion was defeated by a margin of 152 votes against 293, despite growing calls for Kan's resignation.

The embattled premier was expected to survive the motion as his Democratic Party of Japan controls the powerful lower house of parliament.

On Wednesday, Japan's largest opposition party, the Liberal Democratic Party, along with two smaller opposition groups submitted the no-confidence motion to the parliament.

Ahead of Thursday's vote in the parliament, Kan told his Democratic Party of Japan members that he felt responsible for resolving the country's nuclear crisis, adding that he would then leave office to give his place to the younger generation in order to rebuild the disaster-stricken country.

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