Thursday, June 9, 2011

Gaddafi forces advance on Misratah

Smoke rises after NATO air strikes in Tripoli on June 7, 2011

Source: Press TV

Thousands of troops loyal to embattled Libyan ruler Muammar Gaddafi have advanced on the city of Misratah as heavy shelling kills 12 revolutionaries.

The opposition sources say several people have been reportedly injured.

"Misrata is under heavy shelling ... Gaddafi forces are shelling Misrata from three sides: east, west and south," Reuters quoted opposition spokesman Hassan al-Misrati as saying.

"He has sent thousands of troops from all sides and they are trying to enter the city. They are still outside, though," al-Misrati added.

The city that was captured by revolutionaries several weeks ago has been a focal point in the ongoing war.

Meanwhile Spain has recognized Libya's Benghazi-based Transitional Council as the sole representative of the Libyan people. The council is headed by the revolutionaries currently fighting regime forces in several cities.

The Spanish Foreign minister made the announcement during his visit to the Libyan opposition bastion of Benghazi.

The US and NATO have unleashed a punishing, UN-mandated offensive against beleaguard Gaddafi to pressure him into relinquishing power. However, the NATO airstrikes have killed scores of civilians as well as revolutionaries.

Libya has been the scene of fierce fighting between pro-Gaddafi troops and anti-regime forces since mid-February.

Revolutionary forces want an end to Gaddafi's decades-long rule.

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