Tuesday, June 14, 2011

British officials to be charged over Bahrain

Source: Press TV

Some 14 UK officials might be charged with training the Saudi forces who have been aiding the Bahraini regime in its crackdown on protesters.

The Chief Representative of International Coalition against Impunity, May el-Khansa, will file a complaint at The Hague on June 16, 17 against the Manama regime for ordering the execution of Bahraini youths.

According to the report, The Hague has urged the UN to dispatch a team of inspectors to Bahrain to investigate the current harsh situation at the country.

The request is considered as a new step in the legal efforts set forth by human rights groups for the prosecution of the Bahraini government.

Meanwhile, 14 British officials might be introduced as the Al Khalifa regime's accomplices after reports revealed the UK had trained the Saudi forces.

Last month's revelation proving Britain trained Saudi National Guard members came after Saudi Arabia dispatched 1,200 forces to Bahrain to aid the Al Khalifa regime crush protesters.

This is while that the Ministry of Defense announced that it was deeply concerned about the human rights violations in Bahrain by the Saudi troops.

El-Khansa said that 10 lawyers from Germany, Spain and France are expected to attend at The Hague court.

She said that as the organization presented the second part of the suit on May 5 to the International Court of Justice, they have received a flurry of abuse, death, torture and sexual assault reports from the Bahraini citizens.

El-Khansa added that the lawsuit was filed in accordance with the International Criminal Court's charter, the Geneva Conventions and other international regulations and agreements.

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