Saturday, June 18, 2011

Army redundancy applications worrying

Source: Press TV

The number of applications for quitting the British Army has risen to worrying levels, as the force gets ready to shed 7,000 out of its 100,000 soldiers.

The Army said earlier in April that it is going to sack 1,000 soldiers with almost 500 through voluntary redundancies in line with the government spending cuts plans while the force had 900 applications for quitting, the Daily Telegraph reported.

The revelations have raised concerns that the Army may be in for losing its best personnel as several of those who expressed their desire to leave were experienced NCOs or soldiers awaiting promotion with two likely future generals.

While the Army has planned to dismiss 25 colonels, the force has received 52 applications from colonels for quitting along with five similar applications from SAS officers deepening fears that the Army could lose its best veterans.

This comes as the Army has pledged to keep the right number of experienced soldiers in the force to ensure there is a balance between veterans and newer recruits.

There were also reports that head of the Army General Sir Peter Wall even held informal interviews with several officers to persuade them to stay.

"When you know what's going on at the moment and the amount of money that's needed to be saved and the impact of that on the Army, what's the point of staying?” the Telegraph quoted an Army officer ready to leave as saying.

"People are seeing the writing on the wall and are saying it's time to go," he added.

The paper also quoted an infantry commander as saying "I have never known morale quite so shocking. People see the way it's going. There's a real fear of further cuts in 2015".

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