Sunday, April 3, 2011

Yemeni forces kill protesters in Taiz

A female Yemeni anti-government protestor displays her hand painted with the colors of the country's national flag and reading in Arabic, "Leave."

Source: Press TV

Yemeni security forces have reportedly killed two demonstrators during a crackdown on anti-government protesters in the southern city of Taiz.

The fatalities were caused on Sunday, when the forces targeted the crowd with live bullets and teargas canisters and led baton charges into them. Around 750 people have been injured in the crackdown, a Press TV correspondent reported.

One of the victims came under fire, while tearing up a poster of unpopular President Ali Abdullah Saleh. As many as ten people were targeted with live rounds.

“Armored vehicles and tanks are surrounding us. They have spent three hours firing teargas and bullets [in the air] in an effort to break up the protest,” said activist Bushra al-Maqtari.

"Between 250 and 300 protesters were injured, some with live bullets, as police opened fire to disperse a protest heading to the governorate headquarters," a witness was quoted as saying.

More than 82 people have so far been killed and hundreds of others injured during determined crackdown by the forces since popular revolution started to sweep throughout the country in January, calling for the ouster of the regime.

Saleh has been in office for more than three decades, with several opposition members arguing that his long-promised political and economic reforms have not materialized.

He has made it clear he has no immediate plans to step down.

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