Saturday, April 9, 2011

US plans terror alerts on social networks

Social media netowrks, Facebook and Twitter and the US five color-coded terror alert

Source: Press TV

The US government is considering the use of popular social networks such as Facebook and Twitter to post terror threat alerts, under the country's new terror warning plan.

According to a 19-page US Department of Homeland Security draft obtained by The Associated Press, terror warnings are to only be delivered to the people for a limited amount of time and under certain circumstances.

The five color-coded terror alert system known to Americans, rates the level of terror according to the degree of threat it poses as low, guarded, elevated, high, and severe. The new system, expected to be in place by April 27, is to limit these levels to two: elevated and imminent.

'Elevated' is to warn of a credible threat against the country, not necessarily specifying targets or timing, while 'imminent' is to call attention to a more specific threat. The latter warning may expire after seven days, with a possible extension.

According to the plan, current Homeland Security Secretary, Janet Napolitano is to be in charge of the National Terrorism Advisory System.

The draft includes step by step details regarding the sequence of notifying Congress members, state counterterrorism officials, governors, mayors, and lastly the public.

The color coded warning became the country's most crucial program countering terrorism since the September 2001 attacks.

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