Sunday, April 10, 2011

UK to face more anti-cuts protests

Source: Press TV

The British government is to face another series of nationwide protests starting on April 14 against spending cuts.

Next Thursday, April 14, has been chosen as a national day for scores of anti-cut campaigners to demonstrate in Bristol, Brighton, Leeds, London and Poole.

They are to protest against the cuts in housing benefits, disability, education and social services.

Britain has been facing massive protests recently against its international and domestic policies. British people mostly oppose the country's engagement in wars and the financial deficit.

"People with disabilities, illness, the unemployed, single parents, carers, the low waged, part-time students, volunteers, homeless people and college students are all likely to see a devastating drop in disposable income with many slipping even further below the poverty line," said a spokesperson.

"Meanwhile poverty pimps like Atos Origin and A4e are set to rake in hundreds of millions on government contracts to bully and intimidate people from claiming the pittance handed out in benefit payments.

"The poorest and most vulnerable are being asked to pay for the mistakes and extravagances of the richest."

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