Thursday, April 7, 2011

'Sudan may retaliate for Israeli attack'

Sudan's Foreign Minister Ali Karti

Source: Press TV

Sudan says it may respond to what it denounces as a recent Israeli airstrike, which killed two people in the northeast of the country.

Foreign Minister Ali Karti said “Sudan reserves its right to react” to the 'Israeli attack' near Port Sudan, the country's main port city, Reuters reported on Wednesday.

The missile attack reportedly destroyed a car, killing both its occupants. Israeli Foreign Ministry's spokesman Yigal Palmor, however, has declined to comment on the matter.

Karti said Israel had carried out the attack on the false claim to prevent transfer of weapons to the Gaza Strip, reaffirming Khartoum's denial of arms transfer to the coastal sliver.

Tel Aviv has been imposing a total siege on the Gaza since mid-June 2007, claiming it seeks to block shipment of weapons into the impoverished enclave.

The restrictions have been depriving Gaza's 1.5 million Palestinians of food, fuel, medicine and other necessities. They even prevent the entry of construction materials into the region -- largely in ruins from Israeli attacks.

The Tuesday attack served to remind a January 2009 strike by an unidentified aircraft on a convoy in Sudan, which killed a total of 119 people.

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