Monday, April 4, 2011

Spain's unemployment rate on the rise

Unemployed people in Madrid, Spain

Source: Press TV

The number of people filing for and requesting unemployment benefits in Spain has gone up by 0.8 percent, raising the country's jobless rate to a new high.

The number of applicants for unemployment benefit reached 34,406, putting the number of those registered as being unemployed in Spain at 4.3, the Associated Press reported on Monday.

Statistics from Spain's Labor Ministry suggest that the unemployment rate in March grew in all sectors in comparison with February.

According to the report, the service sector had the highest rate of job losses.

On the year, the number of people claiming jobless benefits rose by 167,056, or 4.01 percent.

According to the European Union, Spain's new jobless rate currently is the highest rate in the eurozone, standing at over 20 percent, which is higher than twice the European Union's average.

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  1. Now European countries are facing the crisis after US.


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