Monday, September 17, 2007

The Invisible Oligarchy

By: Stewart Brennan
World United News

Oligarchy: (Greek Ὀλιγαρχία, Oligarkhía) is a form of government where political power effectively rests with a small elite segment of society (whether distinguished by wealth, family or military powers). The word oligarchy is from the Greek words for "few" (ὀλίγον óligon) and "rule" (ἄρχω arkho).

Who are the Oligarchy:

The Oligarchy that controls the World economy and business direction are the majority shareholders of the corporate members of the “Council on Foreign Relations”.

Imperialism by an insatiable greedy Oligarchy is the real enemy of our World. The driving forces of this Imperial monster are today’s Private Bankers and business magnets who have their hands in everything, but especially energy.

The quest to control the Worlds wealth started over 100 years ago by a group of extremely wealthy bankers and corporate magnets, notably John D.Rockefeller, JP Morgan, and Paul Warburg. (The Oligarchy is based in North America, and Europe.)

The Oligarchs have no allegiance to country only to money and power. The system they use to invoke and gain control of wealth is Imperialism. This small group of people control the global economics and the currencies that make it run.

The monetary system is no longer based on precious metals, nor do the Governments of the Western Nations control their economies. Our money is just printed-paper! The value of the paper is controlled by the amount that is printed…and the private bankers are the ones who decide when and how much to print.

Energy is Required to Keep the Economic System Running:

Oil plays a big part in the Oligarchs plan. The American economy and Western World is heavily dependent on oil and requires oil to keep their economies afloat. Without oil there is economic collapse and Oil is a declining resource and therefore becomes more valuable as there is less of it. It is the catalyst for economic disaster, military might, and if enough of it is controlled, a way to control the Worlds wealth.

If oil does not flow constantly today, the American and European Empires crumble. Control and direction of wealth shifts to those that own the oil, such as the countries of the middle east, Venezuela, Russia, and so on...its that simple.

The War in Iraq, and the impending war on Iran is the Oligarchs push for control of this declining valuable resource. If the Oligarchy does not succeed in its goal to take the oil from the Middle East, their plan fails and the World takes a U-turn.
At stake in the Middle East is the Oligarchs quick path to World world, one currency, one controlling group. These powerful few are a very determined bunch however and are always working different business and economic angles to achieve their goals.

While the Worlds focus is on the War in Iraq and Iran, the Oligarchy is playing their power card in controlling the wealth of the Planet. Economic slump or depression is the tool of force by this group.

Watch what unfolds in the coming weeks. We might see Great Britain embrace the Euro and not far down the road after that, the emergence of the Amero (Canada, USA. and Mexico)...Asia will also move to a single currency by necessity.

China and India are the emerging industrialized nations that were built by the Oligarchs corporate money. When the coming economic slump happens, a number of Asian banks, and companies, will be turned over to these private bankers in the form of bankruptcy, which is legal theft, as immoral as it is. The Oligarchs have gained their vast wealth and power this way in Europe and America since day one.

The emergence of the Single Asian currency will be the proposed plan by the Oligarchs who will also control the printing of it. The Asian currency will most likely include Japan, Korea, Russia, China, and India for starters. To make this a reality, an inflation, or deflation of currency must happen so that the currency merger can take place. If for example one currency is very high, an economic slump is crafted to devalue that currency. Look at England and the USA right now, and then look at the value of the euro. The US dollar is worth about 60 cents in trade to the Euro. The Canadian dollar is worth 97 cents compared to the American dollar. In 2001 the American dollar and the Euro were at par, and the Canadian dollar was at 70 cents US.

Protection of the Dollar, or Destruction of the Euro Economies?

When George Bush came to power in 2000, one of the first things he did was to impose a 30% import tax on steel. Bush claimed that he wanted to protect American steel companies from European steel producers from flooding their market with cheap abundant steel. The result was that Steel prices in North America went up due to a large demand and short supply of steel by North American Manufacturers.

When I investigated which countries were subject to the 30% import tax by calling Customs Canada and US Customs, I found out that only the countries that used the Euro as their currency were affected by the 30% tax. The largest European steel producers such as Poland were not subject to the tax because their country did not have the Euro as their currency. So in effect, Poland could continue to flood the US market with their steel while Greece and other steel producers faced a 30% tax on exports to the US which severely handicapped their ability to compete.

The Oligarchs plan of replacing many currencies with three and then eventually with one currency has begun to speed up. Hundreds of Billions in American dollars have gone missing. This devalues the US dollar. How do you misplace 100 Billion dollars anyways? Unless it is by design...

Current Battle Zones:

The nations of the Middle East, Africa, Central & South America, are the current battle zones in the World right now. The battle is for complete control of their Oil. You might even call this World War three. The war to control the Worlds Oil and ultimately, of the Worlds money.

Oil is very important to the Oligarchy right now. The Western Economies depend on it, as do their vast superior War machines. The very powerful few do not have complete control yet, but it is close. OIL is their Achilles heal at the moment.

From: Stewart


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