Saturday, September 15, 2007

The End of the “American Empire”

BY: Stewart Brennan
World United News

When George Herbert Walker Bush announced victory in the “Cold War” and a “New World Order” in the 1990’s, he should have brought the American military home. He should also have scaled back the weapons aimed at the once mighty Soviet Union now called Russia. He did not, and in fact continued a series of beefy upgrades to the US military that today, continues under his son George W. Bush. Why is that a problem?

The United States chose a path of dictatorship to deal with the World instead of working for a better World. The threat of military retaliation is not an option to diplomacy.

The Changing World:

China has become the Worlds economic leader with a population and market 5 times that of North America. They have a great friend in Russia who will no doubt go into business with China in terms of energy supply and military alliance. That is already the case.

Today the USA is involved with Pakistan and India, playing one against the other and threatening military response to Pakistan if they do not play by American rules. Large-scale Military exercises in the Indian Ocean by the Americans have turned the heads of China and Russia to focus on a new alliance together.

Russia has resumed military aircraft patrols and increased military spending that rival the cold war days. This time however, the vast oil and gas reserves under Russian soil have paid for a new arms race. The Russians now claim to have invented “The Father of All Bombs”, and have become partners with China to build super rockets for space travel. …All the USA had to do was come home in the 1990’s and focus on building a World together with every other nation, but instead chose to dictate terms.

Self-Imposed Isolation:

The USA has recently installed missiles in the Eastern European countries once controlled by Soviet occupation. The Americans are giving weapons of Aid to Israel, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and secretly arming India. (The word “AID” is supposed to be a medical term not a military one.)

The Russians feel threatened and have had enough of American encroachment into their resources. Not surprisingly, Russia has returned to the military race once more. This time however, Russia has a mighty partner called China, and a great potential to include, as an ally, every other sovereign nation that is opposed to current American Policies. Nations such as every Muslim, European, South American, and African nation disenchanted with American Imperialism and military threat.

In other words, the USA has isolated itself from the World through its Imperialist and Fascist approach by declaring a “New World Order” in which it is ruler of all.

The fabricated reasons for the American invasion and War in Iraq, (Weapons of Mass Destruction.) has removed the “Cold War Polarization” in the World to “Isolation of the USA” from everyone else.


The designs of a “New World Order” and “ A One World Government” are borrowed from Nazi Germany and Ancient Rome. The World knows this but “George Bush” is fixated on how he will be remembered in history like two other guys that went by the names of “Julius” and “Adolph”. Does George really believe he is in contact with God? Does George really care about humanity?

It seems inevitable that we will have our 3rd World War after all. Considering that the USA is outnumbered man to man, and that they are beginning to lose the technological race, nuclear weapons would ultimately be used in a misguided belief to achieve an advantage.

If the World is to survive the coming holocaust it must return to high moral standards laid down after the 2nd World War and the Nuremberg Trials. The present course that the American President has led the World is to utter destruction!

By following Fascist doctrine and policies, he has single handily declared war on the world by making threats of “You’re either with us or against us”. We all know how this ends…it ends with millions of innocent people dying.

If America really believed in a better World for everyone on the planet they would not dictate policy or abandon the fundamental principals of the “United Nations”. It is only through a strong United Nations that mankind will survive and not through a selfish nation with designs of a “New World Order.”



  1. Your analysis is right on the mark and well presented. This is not exaggerated paranoia, folks. This is what's happening!

    Having said that, I do want to differ with you on a couple of points. One is that World War III is not coming - it is upon us. It is not a war of guns and bombs, but a financial one and it looks to me like we ain't winnin'! I have been watching the stage get set over the last 37 years - sometimes in doubt, sometimes feeling that it will never happen in my life time.

    Today, I am on the edge of my seat. The action has become steadfast and quick. I do believe we can turn it around if enough people open their eyes. (clarification follows)

    My second point of difference is that China's market is 5 times that of the United States. I don't believe that China is anywhere near that. But it will be soon. According to the CEO of Trends Incorporated - the company that most Fortune 500 companies listen to for financial, sociological and other forecasts - China will be the dominant world financial power within the next 8 to 10 years.

    As Henry Kissinger stated, "Who controls the food supply controls the people. Who controls energy can control whole continents. Who controls money controls the world."

    Although the overwhelming power of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund currently rests with U.S. bankers, these people have no allegiance to any country. The allegiance of the oligarchs is to power and we sold out to them back in 1913 with the Federal Reserve Act.

    This small group of extremely wealthy individuals will be standing with their prods as they wait to pick up the spoils and take control once World War III has played its course. WWIII is a struggle between 3 financial markets - Europe, Wall Street and the Asian market. The two wild cards in this mix are South America and the Middle East. While the oligarchs have fairly well contained South America (read Greg Palast's "The Best Democracy Money Can Buy") the Middle East remains a loose cog.

    Even though it is filtered and watered down by the status quo centered media, all one needs to do is listen to the news and do a small amount of reading on the side to know that we're in big trouble, and things are coming down fast!

    Whether one believes in my scenario or not, the pacs you mentioned, between China and Russia are very real and very significant. While the G-6 were convening in Europe, China and Russia we designing their own "New World Order", in which China states their goal of removing foreign influence from the Asian continent. Trust me that "foreign influence" is mostly us.

  2. Thank you for your well presented comments "Buddy". I have to agree with your point on the 3 financial markets with two outsiders. I assume that when the currency change over happens that the two outsiders will need to make a choice. The Euro, Amero, or the Asian equivalent.

    War is big money and creates wealth especially after the War is over and whole cities and infrastructure need to be rebuilt. It is a sad thing to say but it is the truth of the Oligarchs way. It all eventually leads to a one World government in which ultimate control is held in a Dictatorship including the merger of all remaining currencies into one.


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