Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Dictator Bush Calls for War at the U.N.

By: Stewart Brennan

It is unbelievable to hear the leader of the US (George W. Bush) dictating to the world about who is considered an enemy. I have had it with Neocon American bull, and those that would pronounce themselves rulers of all. If Americans agree with their president they are just as guilty as him. I have no respect, or patience for the US Government anymore. There was a time that America stood for high moral values, but that is long gone, and you better stop banking on higher moral values because your nation does not have any. Not in Government anyways.

The US has become a tyrannical monster. You are not accepted or wanted as the Worlds policeman, and we do not need one. Do you really believe that the Oil in Iraq and Iran is yours? Do you really believe that you are entitled to it and have right of access? Maybe Canada should turn off its supply to you also! Will Canadians be branded as terrorists also because a spoilt crybaby nation did not get its way?

Let me get one thing straight with you George W. Bush, our government leader might support you, but the free people in Canada do not. There will come a day…$%#@&

What ever happened to the higher morals and the rebellious spirit in the USA? The people used to stand up to tyranny, now you stand for current policy or seem to be. My question to Americans is, “Why do you let your bipolar politics shout the same policy?” Are you being programmed by too much television, or media propaganda that support Fascism in Washington? If you don’t speak up soon, you will find that Hitler still lives by his preserved doctrine that is embedded in the Bush Family and Corporate America…and then it will be too late.

I expect that a lot of programmed people in the USA will be miffed at my words, but these words had to be said. Somebody has to try and wake up the American public before it is too late. I apologize to all American citizens that feel the same way as I do. My rant is not about or against the people in the States, but about the lack of effort to stop the madness that will be the end of us all.


My comment on: The Washington Post: U.N. Iranian Leader is Defiant on Nuclear Efforts

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  1. WOW! You could not have written my thoughts any clearer than this! Stewart...I live in this country like some Germans who lived during the Holocaust--I live in this nation but I do not follow or agree with its boss! You are 100% right and if anyone (even Americans) have a problems with the truth--then they are defending a name, not the proof!


  2. Truth, justice, Peace, and Love will prevail. We are stronger today than we were yesterday.


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