Saturday, September 22, 2007

Americans Take Back Your Country!

By: Stewart Brennan

The last remaining freedom that Americans have in today’s World is about to be taken away by Congress, their vote! Both the Democrats and Republicans are pushing a law that will snuff out the election results of the American people electronically. All future elections in the United States of America WILL be tampered with.

I guess that is why George Bush smugly informs Congress that if you vote for his policies, Democrats or Republicans, will win their future election bids? If Americans do not stand up now, it will be too late to do anything!!

Do not let Congress pass the bill that would allow electronic voting machines!! Get your Congressperson on public record as to his or her stand and the way they will vote. Make them change the legislation to reflect the use of a paper ballot only!!

The American elections will no longer be valid because Congress has stolen that freedom from the people. Any election system that is NOT a paper ballot can be manipulated.

The example of uncertainty is the Presidential Elections of 2000, and 2004. The election results are still in dispute. The so-called President (George Bush) was never elected!

Why is Bush smug about getting everything he wants? He is making a mockery of the American people by doing as he damn well pleases, and NOBODY can stop his office right now?!

All those so-called running mates in the Republican and Democratic parties are a farce. There is no real election, nor is there a real leaders race. If there were a legitimate election, people like Ron Paul, and Denis Kucinich, among others would be the leaders, not Obama, Clinton, or Rudy Gulliani Mr. Cesar Septemberus.

Listen Up

There will be a bill tabled in Congress in the coming weeks that will put electronic voting machines into law…there is no debate in congress, except on how many machines will be available in each poling station. Once this bill passes say goodbye to your last freedoms in the USA.

Please refer back to an August post titled “A New Political Party”. Contained within is the answer most Americans are looking for.

I am saddened that this day has come…the day of absolute control by a few wealthy people. We are living in a Dictatorship…

I don't expect to be free from finger pointing on this post due to the sensitivity of this subject matter, but I can tell you that life is more important than death from a false War. A War that is based on lies, and Oil. The soldiers also need the peoples get them out of a situation that a ruthless government put them in. National security is not at stake. The business of rebuilding Iraq is a completely different topic. Occupation by a foreign military is not the answer it is the catalyst to an ever-exploding situation.

I hope people will focus on each other, because we will need to take care of each other soon. We are all that we have to survive economic chaos. At least in Canada, basic human rights will help us survive an economic depression. Our generation has not truly felt an economic crunch...not yet, but I can tell you that I did listen to my parents and grand parents so I know how to survive on meagre means...I am already doing that now in preparation of the next economic depression.

Remember, the goal in life is to help each other not destroy each other. There is no society if we all purposely and willingly steal from each other. Greed creates anger, hate, retaliation, and violence. GIVE to the World around you and you will be free. Wealth is in the Soul.

...Plink...that was a pin hitting the floor.

Education and health care are considered human rights. In Canada, as I am sure is the same everywhere else BUT the USA and third World nations plundered by the Canada "Health Care" is FREE. There is not one hospital allowed to refuse treatment to another human being...THATS human rights. My health care is paid for by the taxes I pay.

Education is also a human right in Canada. The total cost for registration into Dawson College (for the Year) was $75.00. The 3-year program cost me $225.00.

The program I enrolled in was Electrical Engineering Technologies. I graduated and then had all the doors open to me. My taxes also pay for my EQUAL RIGHT to education.

The fact that this is NOT the case in the USA is mind-boggling. Why would anyone want to live in an oppressed society that TELLS its citizens that they are free? WHY doesn’t someone stand up for equal rights to Medicare and Education? There is no debate here, demand it!!

One way to fight in the USA is to push for the paper ballot. A paper trail is necessary so that criminals do not hijack another election. We have a very simple system that works in Canada, and all parties involved at every polling station check it. When there is a paper trail, corruption is removed.

Another way to fight back is to start a drive to make sure everyone is registered to vote. Demand a voter’s list to make sure no one is left off on purpose. Then have a confirmation card sent to each voter stating what pole they are registered to vote at. The card can then be used at the poling station for direction and crosschecked to a list at the pole that the person is voting at. Just having the confirmation in hand gives you peace of mind that you ARE registered.

I do not live in the United States, but the US policies and corporate controls always spill over to neighbouring countries. (Such as the case with Austria in the 1930's by Nazi German politics.)
Remember, “Wealth is in the soul” not the dollar.


Posted in the Washington Post Comments Today September 22nd, 2007


  1. I added this to the Washington Post, to answer a question on the validity of the paper trail when voting.

    Voting on the Level:

    All Canadian Citizens have a Social Insurance Number and a Medicare Card, which also acts as a picture ID. In order to obtain any type of benefit, whether it is, old age security, Medicare, unemployment insurance, etc, you must complete your Provincial and Federal income Tax return. (Our taxes pay for our benefits here.) Everyone that completes the form has an address and therefore when an election comes up, voter’s lists are made and cards are mailed to your last registered place of residence. That said, the government also knows how many people are registered to vote, and lists are then sent to each pole with who is able to vote there. The voter is sent a confirmation card and presents it to the pole in which they are to vote in. The vote that is cast is a paper ballet with your X. A member from each political party is there to verify the count. All challenges are resolved at the pole.

    All the party representatives then make the counts official when there is agreement on the numbers at the pole.

    The party volunteers at each poling station then reports back to their party headquarters on the numbers…Indecently, we only need 6 weeks of campaigning for elections, and the Politicians are under strict guidelines as to where campaign money comes from and how much they are allowed to spend. We don’t need hundreds of millions of dollars for campaigning…to me that’s just sick and corrupt. I am not trying to be difficult. I just want to see honesty come back and to see that Americans get their human rights. No insults intended by the way.

  2. I believe in democracy, but I do not see democracy in the USA anymore. Especially when the new “Electronic Voting” machines are made law in the coming weeks by both sitting parties in congress.

    Future “Ballots” will be tampered with by a corrupt governing system to favour corporate America and its interests. The ruling Oligarchy has Puppet politicians in both the Democratic, and Republican political parties. Crap is on both sides of the coin…maybe its time for another coin…or maybe its time for Americans to call out their representatives and make them state their position on the “Electronic Voting Machines”.

    If you want democracy, then take your rights back from Congress! THEY are supposed to be serving YOU, not the other way around! This is not a polar issue of Republican vs. Democrat; this is an issue of your FREEDOM!

    The government is supposed to do the peoples bidding! Do you want your Government to go to War with Iran, Pakistan, China, Russia, South America, and Half of Europe…and do so alone? I call that suicide. If you do not hear of the other nations, mentioned above, lining up behind Iran don’t be so sure it isn’t the case. America stands alone…oh ya, France supports you…

    Citizens of the USA! Take back your Country!


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