Monday, October 8, 2012

Ex-CNN reporter: US media forcing American public to approve of war on Iran

Source: Press TV

Outspoken investigative journalist and former CNN correspondent, Amber Lyon voices concern that, through widespread and continual vilification of Iran, the US media is pressing the Americans to approve of a potential conflict with the Islamic Republic.

“United States public is constantly being inundated with reports that are demonizing Iran…I mean it’s all over the nightly news and in the papers, blogs, and in journalistic outlets,” Lyon said from Los Angeles on Monday in an exclusive interview with Press TV.

“…several journalists and experts I have spoken to feel that we are being led into a potential conflict this time, you know, instead of Iraq it being Iran and the public is being fed propaganda continually demonizing Iran and you’re seeing these other stories like Bahrain being covered up and that has some of us worried that the public is being fed this propaganda in order to get the public to approve another conflict with Iran,” Lyon regretted.

“…and then you’re not seeing equal coverage being given to the horrific human rights abuses happening in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia.”

In late March 2011, the award-winning journalist was sent to the Persian Gulf island of Bahrain to produce a one-hour-long documentary depicting the importance of social media and technology in the Arab Spring.

The documentary exposed the brutality and aggression waged by Saudi-backed Bahraini regime forces against peaceful protesters. It was aired domestically within the US, but its broadcast on CNN International was suspiciously withheld.

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