Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Leaders to relaunch UK shaky coalition

UK premier David Cameron and his deputy Nick Clegg (from R)

Source: Press TV

The British Premier David Cameron and his deputy Nick Clegg are to stress their commitment to the coalition and the programme they agreed in 2010, an effort being overshadowed by infighting between their parties.

Conservative and Liberal Democrat leaders have come under fresh pressure to adopt more distinctive policies after suffering widespread losses in last week's local elections in Britain.

Meanwhile, Simon Hughes, the Liberal Democrats' deputy leader, said yesterday Conservative MPs think they were "born to rule", but British voters showed the contrary.

The two party leaders’ show of unity in Essex today is aimed at convincing voters the Coalition government has not lost sight of its mission to clear the nation's deficit.

Passing the buck for the Coalition’s current financial failure on to the previous Labours government, Cameron and Clegg are also expected to insist that there is no turning back on their programme of economic austerity.

However, the UK Labour leader Ed Miliband, who has also traveled to Essex, will dismiss the two leaders’ criticisms, saying, “If David Cameron wants to know why he had a bad night last week, the answer is simple - the economic failure of this Government, compounded by its unfairness.”

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