Monday, July 11, 2011

Syrians protest US, French meddling

US embassy compound in Damascus

Source: Press TV

Syrian protesters have gathered outside the US and French embassies in the capital, Damascus, damaging the buildings, witnesses and officials say.

Witnesses say anti-US demonstrators broke into the American diplomatic compound and smashed windows on Monday to protest against US interference in their country's internal affairs.

No embassy personnel were injured in the incident but there was damage to property, a US embassy official said.

Syrian protesters also gathered outside the French embassy in Damascus, where security guards fired warning shots to drive back protesters.

"Syrians demonstrated peacefully in front of the French embassy but they were faced with bullets,'' said Hiam al-Hassan, a witness.

The protests came after the US and French ambassadors visited the Syrian city of Hama, where an anti-government rally was held on Friday.

The Hama visit by US Ambassador Robert Ford and French Ambassador Eric Chevallier was a "clear evidence of the American and French intervention in Syria's internal affairs," Syria's news agency SANA quoted the foreign ministry as saying.

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