Thursday, July 21, 2011

'Egypt heedful of anti-Israel sentiments'

File Photo: - Amr Moussa

Source: Press TV

Egypt's presidential hopeful Amr Moussa says the country's future government cannot ignore the popular anti-Israeli sentiments across the North African nation.

In an exclusive interview with Press TV on Wednesday, Moussa said the reason that Egyptians resent ties with Tel Aviv lies in the Israeli policy toward Palestinians.

“You have to understand why people are angry. Because of the siege around Gaza, the situation in Jerusalem (al-Quds),” he said.

“The reasons for the anger of the people will have to be taken into consideration,” Moussa added.

The former secretary general of the Arab League went on to say that you cannot have a policy “contrary to what the people want.”

“I do not think that people are in favor of war or military confrontation, but they are in favor of justice,” he further explained.

He also described an initiative for a sovereign Palestinian state at the UN as legitimate.

Moussa's Wednesday remarks come as Egypt's military council ruled out the possibility of the presence of international monitors for upcoming parliamentary elections in the country.

Activists in Egypt have voiced opposition to the junta's decision, saying the refusal to permit international observers for the elections would push the country back to the era of former President Hosni Mubarak.

The date of a vote was first set for September but was delayed for up to two months, according to military sources.

The military council took over Egypt after the downfall of Mubarak in February. Many Egyptians believe the council is trying to derail the revolution.

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