Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Hacking crisis gets a step closer to NO 10

Source: Press TV

Only fifteen months after becoming the UK Prime Minister, it has emerged that David Cameron is in office having no power to manage the country's crucial events.

Arresting Rebekah Brooks, the chief executive of News International, was not only a critical point for Rupert Murdoch's media empire, but also get the phone hacking drama one step closer to Cameron's door. Brooks was the second person from Murdoch's empire reportedly having close relationship with Cameron.

After Brooks's arrest on Sunday, it was reported that she had formerly urged Cameron to hire Andy Coulson as the Tory's director of communications in 2007, despite his resignation as the editor of News of the World over phone hacking.

It was also said that Coulson, who gained the private support of many of the Tories, was sent from News International to the party, to help Brooks escape from her extremely dangerous situation of phone hacking.

Cameron has been obviously trying to keep away from his two close friends since the phone hacking crisis grew, but he cannot distort history. He appointed Andy Coulson twice and visited his neighbor Rebekah Brooks five times between June and December last year.

The Scandal showed yet another dramatic scene, shaking British Prime Minister's administration, when UK's senior police officer Sir Paul Stephenson resigned as Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police.

Stephenson quit, claiming the rising pressure over his relationships with former news of the World executive harmed his ability over his duties.

"I have taken this decision as a consequence of the ongoing speculation and accusations relating to the Met's links with News International at a senior level and in particular in relation to Mr Neil Wallis.”

"I had no knowledge of this disgraceful practice and the repugnant nature of the selection of victims that is now emerging, nor of its apparent reach into senior levels," he said in a televised statement at Scotland Yard.

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