Sunday, July 3, 2011

Quebec protests royal 'parasites'

Source: Press TV

Anti monarchists have greeted Prince William and his wife Catherine with cries of "Down with the monarchy" during the Quebec leg of their Canadian tour.

Protestors who had gathered outside a children's hospital in Montreal as the royal couple visited the building, chanted “we will never bend, Willy go home”, “French Quebec” and “parasite go home”.

This comes as the royal couple is expected to face more protests by the Quebec nationalist group RPQ during their tour of Quebec city on Sunday. The group has called for a rude welcome to the couple.

Quebec is home to several nationalist groups that hate British monarchy as it took over the area, which was a French colony, in 1763, though the region has preserved the dominant French culture and language over the centuries.

Mario Beaulieu, the president of the group that organized the protest, told AFP that the royal visit has to do with “the linguistic purging of Quebec, in which the Canadian government is complicit".

Beaulieu also slammed the British monarchy for its continuing hold on the Canadian province saying the monarchy "is an obsolete institution, anti-democratic and sexist, and Quebec wants none of it".

This comes as a study by Angus Reid polling company found before William and Catherine's visit that three in five people in Quebec where just 10 percent of the population speak English are against the royal visit.

The same survey showed that one in three Canadians want their country to cut ties with the British monarchy.

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