Saturday, July 16, 2011

Massive anti-govt. rallies held in Egypt

Egyptians protesters hold a giant flag during an anti-government rally in Cairo

Source: Press TV

Egyptian demonstrators have joined protesters camping out in the capital and other major cities to show their anger with the ruling military junta.

On Friday, thousands gathered in Cairo's landmark Liberation Square amid threats by the ruling military council that it will put an end to the gathering.

More than 28 movements had called for the rallies to pressure the country's military rulers.

The Revolution Youth Coalition has dubbed the day "Friday of the last ultimatum."

The demonstrators say they want more reforms and the swift prosecution of former president Hosni Mubarak and members of his regime.

The protesters are demanding that the military rulers hand over power to a democratically-elected government.

“We want (our demands) taken into account, so we will stay in the square," AFP quoted a member of the April 6 protest movement as saying on Friday.

A prominent preacher who delivered the Friday prayer sermon at the square called for the immediate trial of the policemen involved in the killing of demonstrators during the revolution.

The anti-government activists had also called for massive marches in Egyptian cities, including Alexandria and the strategic city of Suez.

Last week, thousands launched an open-ended strike in Cairo and other major cities across Egypt.

They are calling on Field Marshal, and de facto president, Hussein Tantawi to step down.

Several political parties have warned that a delay will widen the gap between the ruling junta and the revolutionaries.

Following Mubarak's downfall, the military council has taken over in Egypt. Many Egyptians believe the council is trying to derail the uprising.

The demonstrators call for an end to the military council's rule and demand that they go back to their barracks and hand over power to a civilian government.

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