Friday, March 4, 2011

Yemenis reject five-point initiative

Source: Press TV

The opposition has made new attempts aimed at ensuring the freedom of expression and protests for all Yemenis and forming a national committee to investigate the brutal and bloody crackdown on protesters.

Yemeni Islamic clerics and opposition leaders agreed on five points to be implemented by the ruling party this year.

The ruling party has considered the peaceful transition of power, stressing the importance of hashing out the details of the legal procedures that will lead to dialogue between all parties.

President Ali Abdullah Saleh has fired the governors of five of the provinces, where anti-government protests took place over the past few weeks.

Independent members of parliament have condemned the president's move, describing it as a violation of law.

Member of Parliament, Nabil Al-Basha, who resigned last week from the ruling party, said dismissing five governors without the approval of the parliament is a violation of local council authority.

Yemeni people hope that the five points deal would give a way out of the political impasse in the country.

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