Monday, March 14, 2011

Thousands hold demos in Wisconsin

Protesters hold signs during a demonstration outside of the Wisconsin State Capitol on March 12

Source: Press TV

Thousands of demonstrators have marched in the US state of Wisconsin in opposition to a Republican bill that restricts bargaining rights of public sector workers.

The fourteen Democrats who left Wisconsin's Capitol on 17 February in opposition to the controversial bill approved by the state's Governor Scott Walker, joined protesters on Saturday.

Demonstrators circulated the Capitol while hundreds more gathered in the building's rotunda, a Press TV correspondent reported.

The protesters chanted “This is what democracy looked like!”

Walker and his fellow Republicans passed the bill despite the absence of their 14 Democrat counterparts.

The Republican Governor insisted that the restrictions are needed to help the state's cash-strapped municipalities deal with a projected 1.27 billion dollar drop in state aid over the next two years.

The legislation strips most of the states' three-hundred-thousand public employees of their right to bargain over health coverage, pensions and other benefits.

On Thursday, 8,000 workers also gathered at the Indiana Statehouse to protest Walker's plan which they see as adversely impacting unions and public schools.

Protesters said the legislation is part of a larger effort by Republicans aiming to undermine unions which are a major source of financial support for Democrats.

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