Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Hated security service dismantled in Egypt

Source: Press TV

The revolution in Egypt has claimed yet another victory as one of their key demands is met.

The newly appointed Minister of Interior, Mansour al-Asawi announced the creation of a brand new security agency,"National Unity Force" and the dissolution of the widely-hated "Amn El-Dowla" or State Security Investigative Agency.

Hisham Safie Eldin served under the Ministry of Interior for over 15 years and blames much of the past problems on a failed system, not the people in service.

Many people fear the remnants of the old security agency may try to sabotage the post-revolution development and growth. But Safie Eldin has confidence in the future.

Though the move to remove the old state security agency has been widely welcomed, some still remain cautious.

Ahmed Abdul Qawy of the Reform and Development Party plans to keep a close watch on the new agency to prevent it from becoming yet another repressive body.

After Mubarak stepped down on February 11, Egyptians forced their way into the headquarters of the state service in Cairo and other provincial offices and took documents that they say were being shredded or burned to conceal evidence of human rights violations.

Some of those documents have been shown on State TV and posted on the internet.

The former state security agency Amn El Dowla had a poor reputation amongst the population for various mistreatments and human rights abuses. The minister of interior says the new security agency will work in line with the constitution, law and human rights principals.

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