Monday, March 7, 2011

Battles rage for control of Libya

Source: Press TV

Located at the western tip of Jebel Nefusa, the mountain range that runs parallel to the coast west of Tripoli, Nalut joined the anti-Gaddafi forces early on. Locals and refugees told Press TV that nearby towns such as Jadu, Zintan and Rogbane are also no longer under Gaddafi regime's control.

Repeating the pattern of other population centers, the revolutionary forces have held on to the towns, but have conceded much of the road network linking the cities.

The Libyan military, meanwhile, has reclaimed the Tunisian border post and have patrols around the city's perimeter.

While no counterattack has yet materialized, border crossers told Press TV that they have been erecting fortifications. Residents on the Tunisian side of the border are also concerned as they have significant contacts with Nalut, both social and commercial.

While not as busy as the main western border town of Ras Jedir, 250 kilometers north, more than 3,000 refugees from nearly 20 different nations have passed from Libya into the once sleepy town of Dehiba.

The Libyan army has imposed a blockade on the border, but that hasn't stopped many from skirting the checkpoint and delivering humanitarian aid.

Despite their proximity to Ghadaffi's forces around Tripoli, some towns in northwestern Libya have declared their independence. Their situation is precarious, but they are holding their ground

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