Sunday, February 27, 2011

Anti-govt. protests continue across Yemen

Source: Press TV

Hundreds of thousands of demonstrators massed in Yemeni cities, holding their largest demonstrations against President Ali Abdullah Saleh since the wave of anti-authoritarian uprising began sweeping across North Africa and the Middle East.

The number of protesters in the capital Sana's Liberation Square increases by the day. They also become more organized in terms of managing the protesters and their tents.

The rally here became part of the protestors' life; you can find them conducting their daily life, even celebrating the wedding of one of the protestors.

The protestors have organized themselves and formed different medical, security and food committees to work on organizing the rally.

Large demonstrations also took place across Yemen's southern port city of Aden, where at least five more people were fatally shot amid reports of snipers being used against protesters. That brought to at least seven the number killed in the clashes with security forces in Aden.

In the capital, Sana, tens of thousands of demonstrators held their largest protest since the uprising began, swelling what started as marches by a few dozen students and activists only a few weeks ago.

Protestors say that they are not affiliated with any party and that they came to this place by their free well.

The protest organizers say that demonstrations will continue for another month. If the president had not stepped down, they said they would move to a month-long, nationwide strike, despite the fractured nature of Yemeni society.

Yemen has witnessed days of anti-government protests that have swept across the country after the revolution in Egypt and Tunisia. Protestors say they are determined to stay at this square. They say they are calling for an end to Saleh's 32-year rule.

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