Saturday, July 28, 2007

No More Arms Sales!

By: Stewart Brennan

The Bush administration must be stopped from sending more weapons to the Middle East! I am appalled at the Bush administration's policy of destabilizing the World. What is the purpose for this? Peace? The US Military Industrial Complex is going to be sending a tens of billions of dollars in weapons to Israel, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait Qatar, and Oman. Bush announced plans for 43 Billion dollars worth of weapons will go to Israel and Egypt alone.

The American people must put an end to this Military Industrial Complex that drives the American Imperial economy. Stand up and say “NO”! Make sure that your elected representatives do not agree or vote for this evil package of 43 billion dollars in military weapons.

Ask yourself

1. Who do you think is funding this new Cold War debt?

You are Mr. & Mrs. America, because every dollar that your country spends is borrowed from the Federal Reserve Bank…you the citizens have to pay it back! Ask yourself who owns the federal reserve…certainly not your government and not the American people. …The “Council on Foreign Relations” is what is behind the weapons push and the destabilizing of the entire Middle East so that War will continue for decades while this elite membership reaps the profits of Trillions of dollars in war machine business. So not only is the Bush administration placing orders for these perversely rich people, they are making you, “Mr. And Mrs. American citizen” fund these rich people, their companies, and their banks and charging compound interest!!!

Council on Foreign Relations

2. Who is going to shoulder the blame when more innocent people are killed and who will the blow back be directed at?

Mr. & Mrs. America!

3. Guess who pays for these weapons in the end?

Mr. & Mrs. America, compliments of your government and their rich puppeteers called the Federal Reserve.

4. What is a military aid package?

Do you think its food and medicine? Have you ever wondered where people get weapons? They didn’t just come out of the sky or happen to materialize by divine miracles. They come in the form of government aid packages from the Bush Government and its rich banking apostles. Why not spend 43 Billion dollars on health care for all Americans?

5. Where do you think Saddam Hussein or any other dictator like him get his weapons from?

The U.S. Military Industrial Complex.

6. How is George Bush connected to all this?

Did you know that George Bush's grandfather "Prescott Bush" was associated with the third Reich’s money while running the Union Banking Corp. in New York City during World War 2? The puppeteers were the Rockefeller’s and the main customer was German munitions manufacturer I.G. Farben.

Are you ready to stop them?

At this very moment, your American government has been successful in destabilizing the Middle East so that American oligarch's can supply an endless amount of arms and war toys to all sides in any conflict that they start. Who wins? Same old companies, same old rich people. Who pays? Civilization and its future generations do…and that includes your sons and daughters who get to go to war under false pretences.

I have a couple of suggestions for Mr. & Mrs. American Voter.

1. Stop your government from selling or giving weapons of war to other nations. This is the only way that peace will come to the world. No one wants to live in a war zone they just want to live their lives and enjoy their families just like you.

2. Turn off your TV sets and get onto the Internet where your Government cannot control you by propaganda!

3. Cut the strings of the puppeteers by removing their Federal Reserve Bank. Take your money out of the Private Banks and stuff it in a mattress. Stop filing an income tax return…there is no law that says you have to. (By the way, income tax, 35% of your money, goes right into the pockets of the very same wealthy people, not your Government.) Your American Constitution protects you from not filing income tax returns!

Aaron Russo's Documentary ''America Freedom To Fascism''

Stop your government from supplying arms right now by calling, e-mailing, or faxing your congressperson. Tell them you will not support them!

The peace of the World and the safety of our children depends on you! Don’t let the Bush family get away with this. Impeach, Impeach, Impeach!!!

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