Monday, July 30, 2007

Building a Brighter Future

Building a Brighter Future

By Stewart Brennan

"All the darkness in the world cannot put out the light of a single candle."

The Current Situation

Together, we can build a brighter future, but in order to give meaningful suggestions for this, we must first speak candidly about what's happening in the world today. It appears that there are factions within the world's power elite that desire to exert as much control as possible over the world and their primary means for establishing control is through fear. As this sociopathic faction gains greater power and control, our freedoms and liberties are increasingly taken away, sometimes without our even realizing it.

Fear is a powerful tool of control and increasingly used by these factions of the global elite in statements such as; "The terrorists want to kill us all.", "Your job, savings, and retirement are no longer secure.", "You are either with us or against us.", "We might be attacked at any time."...All of these messages of fear manipulate people to focus blame on an enemy which more often than not means the demonization of the leader from another country and subsequently many of its people.. This division rhetoric also has the effect of pushing us away from taking control of our own destiny. The more we slip into a fearful state of mind, the easier it is for people to be manipulated into accepting orwellian police state legislation.

Government legislation can destroy the peoples freedom by outlawing or preventing the exposure of hidden crimes. In fact just to question government officials on global political events gives you a one way ticket to their enemy list.

National Security?

We are told that, "In the name of national security," we are not allowed to know what is happening behind the closed doors of government. Yet we are encouraged to keep vigilant watch over our neighbors, or watch over those who question the government's position on any topic, but especially watch for those who act suspicious since they could be terrorists.

Rampant suspicion and secrecy are causing people to lose touch with the common humanity we share with everyone around us!

Polarization leads to the "US vs THEM" way of thinking. Divide and conquer is a tactic that has been used successfully by the power elite of the world for centuries. As long as people focus on blaming "the enemy," they are not likely to look for the deeper causes to the problems. Controlling factions of the power elite work tirelessly to keep public attention focused on issues which divide us into polarized camps made possible by the corporate media. There is no investigative journalism on mainstream media anymore...and therefore, as a result, serious issues that should concern the people, are just not reported on. The power brokers control the narrative. Anything that is outside their narrative is smothered immediately.

A subtle, yet powerful method of gaining control over the public of any nation is to distract its people from their purpose in life. Consider that television, radio, and movies are filled with increasingly more greed, violence, sex and alcohol, or that our educational systems prioritize passing tests instead of developing intelligence and creativity in the students. Excessive corporate control of the media limits what news we receive, and often shapes our decisions and the way we think. Our attention is being diverted from the deeper meanings of life to the more superficial attractions of sex, consumerism, and money lust.

As people succumb to their fears through the polarization of thought delivered by news mediums, they lose touch with their real sense of purpose in life.

What can we do about all this?

Ultimately, it is the collective fear, misinformation, and loss of purpose within us that has allowed sociopathic governments to take the power away from us, by allowing them to trash our freedoms and liberties. If every one of us made a commitment to work on making the World a better place through a conscientious humane approach and then reflect it through our actions in the real world, it would inspire others to do the same. We can change our collective direction and build a solid foundation for a brighter future if we work together.

Taking Action

Develop within yourself, a purpose and intention in your life. In order to live fulfilling lives in today's complex world, it's very important to give yourself a clear direction by exploring what is deepest and most meaningful to you. Take the reigns and develop your life's purpose through intentions based on meaningful well thought out goals. Choose to live your life well and follow your purpose to the best of your ability every day. Life will become deeper and more meaningful. Taking action in your own life builds strength within and allows you to move forward confidently to build a brighter future.

Transform fear into love. 

When fear grabs hold, we first need to analyse it and trace it to its roots so that we are able to identify the core issue and deal more consciously with it. When in doubt, consult with others for additional guidance or sources to help move from a fear to understanding. We can also transform our fears into love through spiritual practice which connects deep within us. In doing so, we begin to recognize fear as a chance to overcome a hurdle and grow

Be aware...take personal responsibility for building a brighter future. Investigate instead of accepting what others say as fact, because when we blame others without knowing all the facts, we step into a void of ignorance and become a tool in a game of deception.

Whenever we catch ourselves playing the role of victim by blaming others for everything that's wrong in our lives, we are choosing shallow thinking rather than taking responsibility to think things out...choose to look deep within and take responsibility for your actions. If we focus on improving ourselves, imagine what would happen if we all did? Every single one of us can make a difference, both in our own lives and in our world.

Be Open and Transparent 

Move beyond polarization and the establishments focus on "US vs THEM" Consider the possibility that all of us are doing what we believe to be right based upon our beliefs, circumstances, and upbringing. Each of us has a place in our heart that wants only to love and be loved. As we focus less on blaming and judging "them" and more on supporting the highest qualities in all people, we increasingly come to see that we are all one human family, and that we can choose to transform our world by working together for the good of all. Come together for community, and support each other in making these positive changes. This is where we transform fear into love.

If we are honest, truthful, and respectful of others, we can change the World.

Let's explore ways to move beyond division, share your life purpose with good intentions and encourage others by listening. Inspire each other and take responsibility to be the best that we can be. When we gather in community and support each other with positive intentions, the positive energy spreads...

These simple actions can change the collective consciousness of the world if enough of us begin to change ourselves from within. Let us do all we can to stop the destructive behaviors of the global power elite.

Let us not overly focus on changing the outside world without first having a solid internal foundation. The most powerful changes start inside each and everyone of us.

As we change ourselves from the inside out, we send ripples of inspiration and healing out into the world. By joining together in groups and communities to support each other in this, those ripples become waves which powerfully help to build a brighter future for all of us.

If we change ourselves, then no governing figure opposed to equal human rights and freedoms would stand for long...

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