Thursday, December 12, 2013

End the Siege of Gaza now!

By: Stewart Brennan 

If you are a human being that abides by moral human values then you must speak out against the atrocities being committed on the children in all nations. Otherwise your silence allows the atrocities to continue…I ask everyone with a moral conscious to contact their political representative as I have and call them out on these issues…let us find out who is indeed a human being or who is a Sociopath…I certainly will not vote for a sociopath would you? I don’t want mere words, I want real concrete action taken on crimes against humanity. End the Siege of Gaza NOW!

Here are the links you can use to get in touch with your government representative in Canada & the USA. I also encourage those from other countries to send their government representative a letter and call them out to the plight of the Palestinian people. Please feel free to use my letter and share this post with others. We need to take action around the world to make these atrocities stop!

Contact your Government Representative!

In Canada:

Members of Parliament

In the USA:

Find Your US House Representative here -
Find Your US Senator here

Here is my letter to my member of the Canadian Parliament:

Mr: Scarpaleggia

(Member of Parliament for Lac Ste Louis & Chair / President of the National Liberal Caucus)

Why do Canadian politicians stay quiet about the siege of Gaza where 1.7 million people are without the basics to sustain human life?

The siege of Gaza is nothing more than a crime against humanity by Israel and must be stopped right now! I’m really FN sick of Israel’s ethnic cleansing of Palestine as any moral human being should be. I’m tired of politicians backing a regime in Israel that holds onto the holocaust but are excused for committing a holocaust on the Palestinian people. I’m outraged! How would you like it if your children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren were trapped with no way in or out on a sliver of land where lifelines have been completely severed? Food, fuel, building materials, and everything else required to sustain life are blocked by an Israeli Gestapo like regime…the children are freezing to death right now because of the blockade!! Do you support these Israeli crimes Mr Scarpaleggia? If you don’t support crimes against humanity and abide by the UN declaration of human rights, what will you do to bring attention to this outrageous situation?! If you need information to be brought up to speed on this situation, I can certainly supply it...

I anxiously await your reply

Stewart Brennan

Current crimes being committed by Israel and Egypt on the People of Palestine

Playlist Source Link: World United News

Just some of the Israeli Crimes between (2008 – 2012)

Playlist Source Link: World United News

Occupation 101 – The True history of Palestine & Israel

Source Video Link:


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