Monday, June 4, 2012

The Road to Endless War - Video Series

By: Stewart Brennan

Source: 2minstral - YouTube

The Road to Endless War series is really 2 series of truth videos I completed in 2009 and then again in 2011. The series explores a wide range of topics but centers on what drives the insanity for global domination. Please feel free to comment on this series and share it with others.

The Video playlist contains all 15 episodes but begins with the 2011 series.

2011 = 9 Episodes

2009 = 6 Episodes

The music played in this series is by a brilliant composer named Jussi Huhtala. Please visit his Official Website for more inspiring music.

Composer: Jussi Huhtala!

Information Links can be found within each video description on the YouTube link below.

2minstral - YouTube

Topics include but not limited to: World War II, World War III, Council on Foreign Relations, CFR, United Nations, UN Security Council, NATO, Rise of, New World Order, Fascism, Libya, Syria, Iran, USA, Russia, China, Israel, Israeli, War Crimes, Gaza, Palestine, Arab Spring, Freedom, protest, Global, economic depression, revolution, Peak Oil, change, solutions

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