Friday, July 1, 2011

'Fighting will stop if Gaddafi quits'

African heads of state and country representatives listen as African Union Commission Chairman Jean Ping speaks during the opening session of the 17th African Union Summit, at Sipopo Conference Center, outside Malabo, Equatorial Guinea, Thursday, June 30

Source: Press TV

Libyan revolutionaries have said they will stop fighting if the country's long-time ruler Muammar Gaddafi quits power.

"If we see that Gaddafi withdraws, we are ready to stop (the hostilities) and negotiate with our brothers who are around Gaddafi," said Mansour Safy Al-Nasr, a representative of National Transitional Council (NTC).

Al-Nasr made the remarks on the sidelines of the African Union (AU) summit in the Equatorial Guinea capital, Malabo, AFP reported on Friday.

The NTC representative said the revolutionaries are ready to continue fighting to take the capital Tripoli and force Gaddafi out of power.

"If military operations advance to surround Tripoli, he will accept (to leave). Gaddafi is isolated. He is in his bunker. He cannot move, he does not have a life," Al-Nasr said.

"The troops are advancing," he emphasized.

African heads of state and various country representatives attended the opening session of the 17th AU Summit on Thursday as the Libyan conflict is expected to dominate the two-day event.

A representative from the Libyan government was also present at the meeting.

The five-member African panel on Libya presented its proposed plan on resolving the Libya crisis politically.

The panel has proposed a roadmap out of the fighting that would include an immediate ceasefire, humanitarian aid, reforms and transition to democratic elections.

No consensus about the plan was reported at the conclusion of the summit's first day.

The AU has so far refrained from calling for the ouster of Gaddafi, a demand the revolutionaries have insisted on being included in the plan.

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