Friday, July 15, 2011

Egyptians to rally for civilian rule

Egyptian protesters carry a big Egyptian flag during a march from Liberation Square to the People's Assembly building in Cairo July 12, 2011.

Source: Press TV

Egyptian protesters camping out in the capital and other major cities have called for mass demonstrations on Friday to demand a civilian rule.

The protesters have urged for the handover of power by military rulers to a democratically-elected government. They are also adamant about the immediate trial of former officials of the US-backed Hosni Mubarak's regime that were involved in the killing of demonstrators during the nation's revolution that began in January and culminated on February 11 with the ouster of its despotic ruler.

The Revolution Youth Coalition, an opposition group, has dubbed the day "Friday of the last ultimatum" for the military rulers' promised reforms.

Last week, thousands launched an open-ended strike in Cairo's landmark Liberation Square and in the city of Suez, vowing to stay put until their demands are met.

The country's Youth Coalition has warned that a delay in satisfying popular demands will widen the gap between the ruling military council and the revolutionaries.

The revolution youth coalition held a press conference on Thursday, demanding Prime Minister Essam Sharaf's resignation.

The statement called for a new national unity government with a prime minister chosen by a consensus of political forces and parties, especially those represented at Liberation Square.

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