Friday, July 1, 2011

Britain falls into Israeli regime's trap

Source: Press TV

The detention of a Palestinian leader in Britain marked yet another example of a rising tide of Islamophobia in Europe and the UK system's obedience to racist policies of Israel.

Sheikh Raed Salah, head of the northern branch of the Islamic Movement in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, was arrested by British authorities in London on Tuesday, irrespective of the fact that there were no legal or legitimate reasons for him to be pursued, British media reported.

He was invited by Labor Party legislators to a pro-Palestinian event at the British Parliament.

Salah, the three times elected mayor of the Palestinian town of Umm el-Fahm has been accused by the Zionist establishment and its supporters in the UK of anti-semitism.

Failing to produce any legal evidence against Salah, the UK authorities are using the charge of anti-semitism as a way of suppressing criticism of Zionist regime's policies.

Salah has rebutted the fabricated allegations behind these claims and instructed his lawyers to begin legal action against those repeating them.

It appears that those states that boast of their democratic credentials are suppressing people for their political views.

The British authorities cannot give one legal reason for Salah's arrest since his statements against Israeli policies are no stronger than those made by many Israeli left wingers and humanitarians.

However, it seems that the British government has bowed to pro-Zionist lobbies' pressure even when it comes to its home affairs.

Pro-Israeli organizations in Britain and elsewhere are manipulating growing Islamophobia in Europe as a tool to discredit those people who are combating racism by falsely portraying the democratic Palestinian struggle against racism and discrimination in the Occupied Palestine as anti-semitic.

The British authorities have fallen into an Israeli trap. Instead of supporting democracy activists and their campaign for freedom and democracy, they are supporting Israeli persecution of the Palestinians.

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