Tuesday, August 31, 2010

'Rabbi remarks show real Israeli face'

Rabbi Ovadia Yosef

Source: Press TV

Press TV interview with Political Analyst Hani al-Basoos

The Shas spiritual leader of Israel's ultra-orthodox party is calling for the annihilation of the Palestinians.

The leader's group is not a rare party but part of the government's leading coalition.

In his sermon, Rabbi Ovadia Yosef described the Palestinians as evil people who should perish from earth. He said HaShem (God) should strike the Palestinians with a plague. The Rabbi received immediate condemnation from the Palestinian Authority.

Press TV interviewed political analyst Hanl al-Basoos on the Rabbi's discriminatory comments and how this is typical of Zionist ideologies, not true Judaism.

Press TV: I would like to welcome Hanl al-Basoos, political analyst and commentator to Press TV. Now this isn't the first time that Rabbi Ovadia Yosef has made these types of comments and the Shas is part of Israel's coalition government. Previously he referred to Palestinians as snakes and vipers. Why do you think that he is allowed to fan this wave of hatred?

Basoos: Well we believe here that this is the way of thinking of the Israeli side. It is an evil way and it's the real face of the Jewish entity. It is the real way they think about Muslims. They think Muslims and Palestinians should not stay in Palestine but perish. They believe in the annihilation of the Palestinian people and this psycho-fanatic way of thinking about human beings cannot be justified at all. It is an illegal way, and such a person should be in a prison now.

In the past, [Rabbi] Shapiro mentioned something similar. He believes in the killing of children and Palestinians. Those people who believe in the killing of children do not belong to the human race. They do not belong to the justice and fairness that human beings should share. I think as I said before the Palestinian Authority should take action immediately. I think those Jewish rabbis (that believe in the killing of innocent people) do not believe in peace or justice at all. The international community should be awake and understand that the Israeli system has a criminal mind and a criminal way of thinking in which killing children is permissible. This is not acceptable by any means.

Press TV: How can the rabbi in a religious cloak speak so hatefully and not be condemned by the Israeli public, and by the other rabbis or Israeli officials and more importantly by the international community?

Basoos: Well first of all I would like to say that this call for killing innocent human beings is not accepted in the Jewish religion or any other religion . What has happened over the last several decades is the ideology of Jewish people who do not believe in anything but the creation of this purely Jewish state in Palestine at the expense of the Palestinian people. They are taking the rights of the Palestinian people. Now we have an international community that supports the Jewish entity completely and fully. They support even the killing of children in the West Bank and Gaza. We have these policies which have been used by the Israeli state against the Palestinian people. This belief and ideology has been adopted a long time ago by the Jewish entity. There was something established in the Jewish entity in 1948 and even before that.

The US supports the Israeli side at the expense of the Palestinian people and even the Palestinian Authority is now unfortunately cooperating with the Jewish entity. This is not acceptable by the Palestinians in the West Bank, Gaza or anywhere in the world. We don't allow such decree to be adopted by the Israelis against the Palestinians. Palestinians would defend themselves here with the solidarity and the help of those international activists and peace activists in the world. I think the international community should awake today and see what the Jewish entity is actually doing. They should consider what will happen in the next fear years.

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