Monday, November 30, 2009

The USA Britain and France Have Hijacked the IAEA

By: Stewart Brennan

It seems that a good man, Mohammed El Baradei, has been pushed out of the I.A.E.A. (International Atomic Energy Agency) by exterior political influences that have their sights on forcing a one sided agreement in regards to the Iranian pursuit of nuclear energy.

The Western Leaders may not have liked him, but I for one, commend Mohammed El Baradei, the now former Director General of the IAEA, for standing up to The US Bush Administration in 2005 and proving what we all suspected, that Iraq had NO weapons of mass destruction. Mr. Baradei destroyed the Bush Administrations reason for going to War; which Bush and company ignored by their merciless invasion of Iraq. The IAEA report by Mr. Baradei should now be used to investigate the US & British administrations for major War Crimes.

Mr. Baradei also confirmed after repeated inspections that Iran was pursuing nuclear energy for peaceful purposes and found no evidence of them building Nuclear Weapons. These statements have angered Western Leaders who seemed determined by any means necessary to convince us that Iran is pursuing nuclear weapons.

Mr. Baradei is also acclaimed for criticizing Israel for not opening its nuclear sites to IAEA inspection. This position of standing up for the principals of equality and fairness by applying International Law to all Countries in matters of the IAEA is to be highly commended.

Of course this position has put Mr. Baradei in hot water with the leaders of the Bash Iran club, including Israel, The US, France, and Britain. After all, why should Israel be treated the same as every other country? According to the USA, some nations are above the law.

Who Did I Leave Out?

Oh yes! I did not mention India, Pakistan, and North Korea, but for the moment anyways, the Pakistan army is being paid for and run by the USA while India gets all of its Nuclear upgrades from the United States for free. So according to the American Government, they don’t count. North Korea is in China’s hands and the US does not want to rock the trillion dollar boat load of borrowed money from China, so North Korea does not count for now.

Laws are for Everyone or No One.

I feel that International Law should be applied to all nations regardless of who they are, or the law is useless. At least Iran has abided by the IAEA rules up until now. The announcement of 10 new proposed Uranium enrichment plants does not break any laws. But it does show Iran’s reactionary anger towards the breakdown in communications and diplomatic talks that the West has sabotaged with ultimatums. Ultimatums are not called negotiations.

IAEA Negotiations

The IAEA made a proposal to Iran, which suggested that they ship 80% of its nuclear material to Russia, where Russia would then ship the material to France to be upgraded. Iran looked at this proposal as something that could be worked on. However, it was not immediately stressed that 80% of the fuel was to be sent in one shipment. Of course doing so would leave Iran open to military attack and cause minimal nuclear fallout to the oil region or to her neighbor, Russia.

Right from the start, Iran stated that it did not want France to be involved in the exchange program due to past history in which France broke a binding agreement to build a nuclear power station in Iran. So, Iran came up with a counter proposal that stated they would agree to send a smaller percentage of nuclear material at a time instead. This is perfectly acceptable in good faith.

However, the US, Britain, and France immediately condemned Iran and had their representatives in the IAEA turn 180 degrees about face and condemn Iran. Two days later Mr. Baradei is no longer the Director General of the IAEA.

I have worked in large corporations near the very top to know that the actions taken in the last few days at the IAEA were made by Political heavy weights behind the scenes. There are political powers at work here with the ability to manipulate important World governing bodies into supporting their specific agenda’s. There will not be another fair assessment made by the AIEA ever again as long as the USA, Britain, and France control the United Nations Security Council.

Mr. Baradei’s presence will be missed now that the IAEA has come under the direct influence of outside parties that have an agenda that benefits their specific ambitions. It is a very bad development for World Peace indeed.

There is one very important question not being asked.

Who at the IAEA issued the new demands on Iran last Friday November 27th, 2009? Which person, was it Mohammed El Baradei the IAEA official that was forced out of the IAEA over the last days of November 2009 or did someone else make the statement? Tick tick tick…I heard a pin drop in this room.

What we are seeing is the USA, Britain, and France trying to save face from their unproven accusations made at the end of the G20 summit towards Iran.

We are also seeing an Israeli push for military attacks on Iran on top of the new sanctions being proposed by three of the UN Security Council tyrants. They are also trying to strong arm Russia and China to go along with them.

Are we to believe that Israel is allowed to get away without being inspected by the IAEA, and Iran who abides by the rules is to be condemned for negotiating in good faith? We are now repeating a cycle that has the media war drums playing the same sounds as they were before the invasion of Iraq. This time however, there is no longer a man of honor leading the IAEA and that will make war inevitable because Britain, France, and the USA have hijacked the IAEA and desire an end to Iran’s ability to go it alone without Western interference.

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