Thursday, November 12, 2009

A US Political Manifesto and Return to Morality?

By: Stewart Brennan
(Independent Writers for Truth)

It is my firm belief that while the US Federal Government continues to usurp power away from the fifty States of America, the American people cannot see the Freedom they believe they have, nor will they see it in the near or distant future. The US Constitution is in tatters and hanging by a thread while business interests carve out huge amounts of wealth from the American people.

The President, and / or the United States Congress, will not make any positive changes in day-to-day life for the American people, not while these same politicians steer the country in the direction of their personal pursuit of power and wealth. It will be the people who reclaim their ship and steer the country back from the brink of chaos.

Very few politicians today take a moral stand for what is right and what is wrong. There was a time, not long ago, when America was a great nation and practiced decision making with moral obligation, humanitarian beliefs, and empathy for the people of her own Country and the World at large. This is no longer the case. In fact, I would dare say that the USA is heading 180 degrees in the opposite direction and is on a collision course with domestic and global disaster.

Hope lays in the ability of the American people to retake control of their countries destiny, instead of trusting and relying on politicians or charlatans to do it for them.

Indeed, it is not just a country that will be saved from ruin if the American people are successful in reclaiming their Constitution, but the world will also be saved from disaster.

Extremely wealthy business interests financed this current reckless direction by design through the Federal Government structure they built. It is their insatiable thirst for wealth, power and world domination that their soulless empire was built.

Across the globe, the US Federal Government is busy creating and funding War around the World and over the last 8 years has gone to war on its own people. When will we all wake up?

Health Care or Don’t Care?

The Health Care Bill is truly the most talked about issue or argument of the day. The powers that be have made sure that there is division among the American people through the broadcast of shouting matches, name-calling, and labeling. This agenda only serves to hide the bigger issue, “Who has the power, and who gets to control the wealth generated by it”.

It isn’t hard to find a wide array of opinions no matter where the conversation takes place. One thing is clear however, if this bill is left as is, it will have the potential of ripping the Country apart.

The current trend points to civil unrest with a government unwilling to budge due to corporate meddling. The details of this Health Care Bill when implemented will wake Americans up and grab their attention and emotions. The only way to stop this trend is for the Federal government to back down. But I do not see that happening short of mass civilian disobedience. When a Country like the USA has a gun culture, it is most probable that they will be used at some point given the high anxiety this topic has raised. I would prefer to see the politicians become moral patriots with empathy for their own citizens, but when congress is more intent on protecting War criminals and stuffing their pockets, I don’t see a chance in hell that things will change, short of a revolution.


The current health care proposal that just passed the House of Representatives is a large Federal power grab and suited to big corporate interests. The Senate will not change much before it votes on it, and when both the house of representatives and the senate agree to a final draft, nothing good will come out of it.

I have always believed that health care should be a single payer system. Health care should be at the State level and treated as a non-profit entity, where all employed by the system have a pay scale, including doctors, nurses, and technicians. The services would not diminish as some would have you think but in fact would remain the same and cover everyone. After all, where else will the doctors and nurses go? Canada? Mexico? Cuba? I think not.

Of coarse, the biggest enemy to the single payer State plan is the Insurance companies who currently reap trillions of dollars in profits every year. The real solution here is to remove the Insurance companies out of the picture completely. The second thing required is to enact legislation to restrict the Pharmaceutical companies from gauging the public as they currently do. Profits should not exceed 40% for any product they produce, and that is being generous. Consumer rights must be reinstated and protected.

Universal Health Care should be paid for by the taxes already collected from the American people through the IRS and not by additional taxation. Your tax dollars already pay for it. What you do not have is control of those tax dollars. That is what needs to be dealt with.

Is it better for a Federal government to run 50 different state governments, or is it better for the 50 states to run their own affairs and congressionally direct the federal system to support the 50 states?


The big question is, “Where are all the Tax dollars going?” The Federal government collects trillions of dollars every year through the IRS. In my observation, the corruption runs deep, and I suspect, as I am sure you do also, that powerful interest groups are at the heart of the problem.

Maintaining 700 military bases around the World to preserve corporate Empires are a major drain of US taxpayer dollars. 1.5 trillion dollars goes into preserving and maintaining US military bases throughout the World. That does not count the hundreds of billions spent to conduct the Wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, and now Pakistan. Did you know that the USA is paying the Pakistan Army with US taxpayers’ money? What will this achieve for Americans back home? Well one thing is for sure, a larger debt incurred with interest due for the American people.

US Tax dollars are given to foreign governments such as Israel, Egypt, Honduras, Columbia, Saudi Arabia, etc. for military hardware to help preserve the US influence and corporate empires throughout the regions of the World. Some of the biggest customers of the American Tax payer’s cash are the military industrial corporations R&D projects for new weapons. How tight do you suppose those budgets are?

Homeland Tax Investment:

All I hear these days is that the USA has lost its manufacturing base. Anyone who thinks that this is true must have forgotten the Military Congressional Complex. This group has succeeded in securing trillions of taxpayer dollars to run a weapons industry that profits on destabilizing countries by arming both sides in a war. The US taxpayer pays the tab here too while the corporations get extremely wealthy.

Congress knows that War is big business and produces jobs for voters. Corporations such as Boeing, Raytheon, and GE remind politicians of this all the time and it is why these corporations succeed in procuring American Tax dollars from politicians. Of course these companies tell their employees which political candidate is faithful to the company and deserving of employee votes. I know this from personal experience.

I ask you, “Should your tax dollars go into supporting the weapons industry that destroys other countries or should your tax money go into creating jobs that rebuilds America?”

Why not spend money at home developing industries that will better the country and the Planet? Surely there must be a better way to spend tax dollars than on the War Industry. At the very least, there must be some money to rebuild recession torn America and aid for the American people.

Banking & Political Campaign Regulation:

America must recoup its taxation and monetary systems from the private interests that control it, and then they must isolate and regulate the investment banking system.

The Federal government is the main problem due to the Private interest groups behind the scenes that own shares in the Federal Reserve. The corruption is so widespread that both the Federal Government and the Private Interest groups are virtually one and the same. It is through these Interest groups that the Federal Government has legislated power to itself for the sole intent of building an empire and cornering all markets at the expense of the American people and the 50 states.

The Federal Empire has become a monster much the same way the early Roman Empire was. The extremely wealthy own all the land, the wealth, and have all the power. They wage war for profit and steal the riches from the conquered. They do not care about the people but are aware that the people can rise up so they throw confusion at them to keep them at bay. How long do you think that will last?

The solution to dismantling the Federal Empire is to put congress into line and implement a strict campaign policy where limits are imposed on funds a politician may receive and spend, to the amount of $300,000.00. It would also be in the people’s interest to limit campaigns to between 6 and 8 weeks.

The largest part of political corruption lays in campaign contributions and gifts by corporate interests and lobby groups. Therefore campaigns should be closely monitored so that limits are adhered to and that no sitting candidate would be allowed to receive gifts before, during or after service to his / her country.

War Crimes:

World opinion of the USA dropped like a stone the moment the United States invaded Iraq. The once mighty America that was looked upon as the beacon of freedom is now viewed as just another military dictatorship with aims of global domination. However, there is a chance for the USA to redeem itself in World opinion and once again stand proud of its founding principals. To achieve this, the USA must conduct an investigation and put on trial all those that conspired in the invasion of Iraq and all the fallout that ensued as a result of those decisions.

The USA must hold a War Crimes trial for its Illegal Invasion of Iraq, for sending thousands of US soldiers to their deaths, for the slaughter of over 1 million Iraqi civilians, and for violating human rights by torturing hundreds of prisoners.

In doing so, America will show the World that NO ONE in the USA is above the Law.
Above all else, this trial will return America back into the World community as a moral leader and a country worthy of the highest praise it once enjoyed.


· Single payer health care is the only way to provide complete care for all people. Create a State run single payer system that is funded by existing taxes collected by the IRS. Have those taxes transferred back to the State to support the Health Care Plan.
· Create a universal pay scale for doctors, nurses, and technicians as all other industries do.
· Remove the Insurance companies from health care altogether and regulate the Pharmaceutical companies to price guidelines.
· Remove the Federal Reserve and return monetary control to the Treasury.
· Remove the IRS from the Federal system and allow the State to collect taxes for the services it is responsible for.
· Regulate Investment Banks and Isolate them from Main Street Banks.
· Implement Strict Campaign Funding Limits to $300,000.00 per political candidate. Do not allow gifts, before, during or after sitting in office.
· Limit political campaigns for re-election to 8 weeks maximum.
· Close military bases around the World.
· End the Wars by bringing the soldiers home
· Conduct a US War Crimes Trial on the GW Bush administration.

I am sure there are many other things that can be addressed here and there are a number of things that will be direct results of these 11 points. The main thing is to start the change now, and how you start is by forming a third political party to run against every democrat or republican that does not adopt these 11 principals of change. The nation is in your hands and together you can be the change you envision for your country. Stand up, stand proud, and stand together!

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