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Western Crimes and Sh*tholes

Topic: Western Crimes and Sh*tholes…

By: Stewart Brennan

The following post is in reply to the specter surrounding a comment that Donald Trump allegedly said when speaking to law makers regarding immigration reform saying “Why are we having all these people from shithole countries come here?” in reference to immigrants coming from Haiti, El Salvador, and several African nations. I don’t know if these words were spoken by Donald Trump or not and I certainly do not support Donald Trump for obvious reasons, but what is the hysteria really all about…because as I see it, all the countries in question were destroyed and impoverished by western governments for their own greedy economic interests. The same western governments that are destroying countries all over the Middle East, Africa and Asia…dare I say it?

Let’s take a brief look at some of the gaping wounds on this planet…

There is a massive atrocity being committed in Yemen by Saudi Arabia and your western government supports those responsible for it and sells them weapons to continue their war crimes…while the western mainstream media stays absolutely silent, tens of thousands have died and the whole country, 20 million people, are at risk of dying from disease and starvation…20 MILLION!

There is a massive atrocity and genocide being committed in Palestine by the Israeli’s and your western government supports the bastards responsible for it…while the western mainstream media also supports Israeli crimes against humanity…but ohhh, don’t say anything against Israeli crimes or you will be labeled an anti-semite… I will NOT support criminal acts by anyone nor will I be silent. However, our western governments and mainstream media do support criminal acts of genocide, so maybe we should call them anti-human, anti-life and racist sh*tholes for the crimes they support.

There is a massive atrocity ongoing in Libya and your western governments are directly responsible for it…while the western mainstream media ignores the facts and supports the belligerent war crimes committed by western governments…colonial oppression has returned to Africa through western government support of terrorism and military occupation. Millions of refugees are flooding into Europe, thousands are dying on the way and your western governments are responsible for all of it…

Wherever the US and its western puppet governments go, to supposedly bring freedom and democracy, hardship turmoil and your worst nightmares descend on the people living there…that is what your mainstream media supports, that is what Facebook supports when it practices censorship and that is what programmed people in the west support by their apathy and believing what they are told instead of investigating for themselves…

There has been a massive atrocity committed in Syria by terrorists that the western governments openly support. However, Russia stepped in to stop the madness and confronted the western supported terrorists and their war crimes. For this reason, western governments and their mainstream media demonize the Russians…all of Syria and its 23 million people were affected by western backed terrorism, leading to massive amounts of deaths, injuries and homelessness and an explosion of refugees…and your western governments are responsible for it…

I didn’t bring up Afghanistan, Somalia, Sudan, Mali, Congo, Venezuela, and many other nations that our western governments are busy destroying because there are just way too many for me to keep track of anymore.

People in the west are slowly beginning to wake up but still show signs of mainstream TV programming and the American illusion…I mean getting angry about Donald Trump calling Haiti and several African Countries shitholes is one thing but it pales in comparison to reality which is that our western governments are turning those countries into unlivable places (the definition of an unlivable place is a sh*thole)...your American government turns perfectly functioning countries into rubble and they do it in the American peoples name! 

It’s time for everyone to stand up against the crimes that our western governments are committing all over the world!! The issue is not about racism, it’s about the reality that the OECD nations are committing genocide throughout the world!

Getting angry at the words of some idiot like Donald Trump plays right into the US deep state plans of deflecting the reality of our governments criminal actions in nations around the World. Maybe it's time to stop our western governments from turning the world into a sh*thole!!

…and by the way yes it was really ignorant for Donald Trump to say something so stupid if true…but really, where is the compassion for the state of the people in those countries and around the world? The people in Haiti, El Salvador and the African nations are being oppressed by economic warfare, they are being crushed by western Imperial and colonial nations just as they are in the Middle East, Asia and indeed the rest of the world. Western governments are literally turning the World into an unlivable sh*thole in your name...the issue is not about racism but about the genocide that the USA is spearheading against the people of the world because those nations do not submit or bend to the criminal economic policy or economic interests of the west…

As I mentioned, some people are waking up to the crimes of their governments, this is why censorship is now being put into place quickly, because the truth is surfacing on the Internet where mainstream media and government lies are beginning not to work…government and corporate censorship will certainly try to close down any and all differing opinion but will you let them?…take a look around your own country and tell me what you see? Is your country moving towards a perfect society or is your country moving towards economic disaster that resembles a “sh*thole”?
A Poem by “The Activist Poet” in reflection called “Upheaval”


Perceptions in the world have changed,
Imprisoned minds unblocked,
eyes are quite wide open,
no longer closed or shocked.

September brought the earthquake,
October brought the war,
November brought insanity,
by December we were poor.

The global coup came creeping,
every nation on the block,
the twists n’ plots so furious,
economies held, grid locked.

The world’s been set on fire,
arsonists are in charge,
raging fires burn our homes,
insanity by and large.

Demons run the country,
more are in the wings,
trained to spawn the chaos,
and the turmoil that it brings.

Heaven help our children,
their futures not so clear,
and so the world keeps drifting,
in panic and in fear.
 About this Expression:

I’m appalled and outraged by all the violence, greed and destruction that the US establishment has imposed upon the people of the World…I simply cannot accept it, nor can I live with the reality of it, therefore I write to express my disgust of it...

Link to Poem – Upheaval 

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