Friday, February 26, 2016

Will Turkey Invade Syria?

By: Stewart Brennan

Will Turkey Invade Syria?

Odds are “Yes, they will”…why? Because Erdogan has put all of Turkey’s economic future in a crap shoot with rigged US dice.

What most people seem to forget is that Turkey is occupied by the US military with at least four military bases where they are very protective of the oil and gas Pipelines that pass through Turkey such as the B.T.C. “Baku, Tbilisi, Ceyhan Pipeline.”

The United States has not conceded defeat in Syria, in fact, they are more determined than ever, to get back into Syria anyway they can, so Turkey still remains their Plan “A” in wresting control of the region. Although US patience is wearing thin, the Americans still support “Plan A” which is why they are not serious about stopping Erdogan’s belligerent insanity…nor are they serious about a cease fire.

An invasion of Syria by Turkey and the Gulf Arab States, win or lose, works in the Americans favour either way because if Erdogan starts to win, the US will allow him to seize control of Kurdish territory in Syria including Syrian oil fields… however, if it appears there will be a Turkish defeat then the US will seize the opportunity to step in and create an independent Kurdish state on the basis of “Protecting them” from an out of control dictator. The US does not care about Syria or the Syrian people, Kurdish or not, only that they get their way.

The Kurds are the American “Plan B” and are being used for the overall US empirical plan, which is the total control of energy supplies under the US reserve currency. Dividing Syria and Iraq has long been the US plan and would become more likely since an independent Kurdish state could connect the Iraqi & Syrian Oilfields through a long corridor through Syria to the Mediterranean Sea…

If the US loses Syria, they lose their financial strangle hold on Europe because it will allow future Russian and Iranian Oil & Gas to flow to Europe. Europe is energy deficient and needs Oil and Gas to survive and if the Americans lose control of the energy supply to Europe, the US dollar loses its status as the Global Reserve Currency, because the independent nations no longer sell their oil in US dollars, the amount of which will grow exponentially.

Oil and gas energy is what drives global economics and the US does not have resource control of Iran or Russia who are connected to economic powerhouse China…unlike the Gulf Arab States who have everything tied up to the American dollar…add to this fact that the US is bankrupt with their a 19 Trillion dollar deficit and a 700 Trillion dollar derivatives bubble sitting on their currency. So everyone connected to the US dollar, especially Saudi Arabia have a lot to lose…this is also why we wont see higher oil prices unless the US somehow gains control of Syria.

An independent Kurdistan also plays into Washington’s future plans of “controlling Iran” and to have Iranian oil and gas sent through the planned Kurdistan corridor…

…of course being cut out of that deal could also be part of why Turkey is so adamant about controlling the entire region, from Iraq to Syria and all the way to the Mediterranean. They sure as hell do not want the Kurds to have any economic clout since a large share of Turkey’s oil and gas revenue comes from their sponsored ISIS Terrorists occupying both Iraqi & Syrian Oil Fields, and right now all of it is in jeopardy.

The US gave Turkey the go ahead to invade and control Syria, but if Turkey can’t finish the job, then the US will just create the Kurdistan corridor to achieve their goal…Erdogan will then be History and a new puppet in Turkey will be put in his place…

The US is being extremely deceptive regarding Syria and Turkey. Don’t be fooled by appearances, the US is playing an extremely long and dangerous game while buying time for the Turkish and Saudi forces to mass for a possible last ditch invasion force into Syria…if an invasion does happen then look for the US to tie up the Russians in Crimea via Ukraine and also look for the Saudi’s & their Gulf State sponsored terrorists to tie up Hezbollah in Lebanon…the winter’s almost over so beware the ides of March…
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Preparing for Nuclear War By Sheikh Imran Hosein

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