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Egypt’s Military have Sold Out the Egyptian People to the Imperial Powers & Israel

By: Stewart Brennan
World United News
It appears that the Egyptian Military has sold out the Egyptian people to the Imperial Powers and are proving that they are a willing part of the larger US / UK plan to remove all regional opposition to Israel.

In a nut shell, the People of Egypt want the siege of Gaza lifted and the Rafah border crossing opened; So how the Egyptian Military or Interim Government of Egypt treat the Palestinians of Gaza is a litmus test to prove who they really work for...and right now they have failed with a capital "F" because the Egyptian Military have been tightening the Israeli siege on Gaza since they took Morsi out of office.
Here's a look at what has happened in the region since the Popular Coup against Morsi took place.

1. The Egyptian Army closes the Rafah Border and cuts all human life lines to Gaza.

Palestinians in Gaza react to Morsi's ouster, closure of Rafah crossing

Source Video: The Real News

2. The Egyptian army has openly declared Hamas an enemy

Source Video: Russia Today

3. The Egyptian Military has destroyed most of the lifeline tunnels from Egypt to Gaza

Source Video: Press TV

4. The Egyptian Army has now occupied El Arish

Note: El Arish is the only Port city near Gaza not controlled by Israel where aid can flow into Gaza from other countries.

Egypt army launches counter-extremist operation in Sinai

Video Source: Russia Today

5. The Egyptian Army have declared war on the people of the Sinai

The Egyptian Military are in the process of ramping up unrest in the Sinai region while locking down their border with Gaza. This is a tactic that has been employed by the USA, UK, Israel & the Saudi regimes throughout the entire Middle East, Eurasia, and Africa.

Egypt set for “Fattah 2 offensive” on Sinai Islamist terror. Gaza sealed. US and Israeli forces on alert

Here are three unrelated reports in regards to Egypt’s Military but are significant in the over all story of what is actually taking place in the region. 

6.The EU has placed Hezbollah of Lebanon on the terrorist list.

Source Video: Press TV

7. Saudi Arabia Sign Arms Deal with Israel.

Press TV: Saudi Arabia Sign Arms Deal with Israel

8. Prison Escapes in Libya, and Iraq planned by US Backed Terrorists will Bolster the decimated Saudi sponsored attack on Syria and in Egypt's Sinai

Benghazi Jailbreak: 1200 inmates escape from Libyan prison
US Backed Al-Queda in Iraq free 1000 Jailed terrorists
Libya: 1000 Prisoners escape as protests rage over activist killing

The Prison breaks in Libya, and Iraq seem to coincide with the need to bolster the terrorist ranks that are wrecking havoc throughout Syria, Iraq, and now Egypt. In all probability, some of these terrorists will now show up in the Sinai to give legitimacy to the Egyptian Military’s lock down and siege of the Sinai and Gaza. No doubt the terrorists will be magically armed because the terrorist groups and the people in charge of the said countries of Iraq, and Libya are controlled by the USA through the CIA, hired Mercenary Groups and other US Government agencies and proxies.

The US, UK, agenda is to smash all opposition to the State of Israel while enabling the Israeli destruction and ethnic cleansing of Palestine. For Egypt, this means destruction through planned divisions of the Egyptian people and for the region it means the destruction of all links between Iran, Syria, and Lebanon with Palestine.

Morsi Also a US Government Puppet

It has been well proven that Israel, and Saudi Arabia are active in the destruction of Syria while using the weapons supplied by all associated NATO countries including Turkey.

But in a surprise outburst of insanity in mid June 2013, Egyptian President Morsi declared war on Syria seemingly out of the blue, which begs the question “Why?” Why did Morsi support the overthrow of Bashar Al-Assad in Syria? The only conclusion one can draw is that Morsi was taking orders from the USA, which also means he was siding with Israel & Saudi Arabia who were also actively involved in the destruction of Syria.

Morsi Silenced

Since Morsi was removed in a Military Coup soon after no one has heard from him and there is a reason why you do not hear anything from Egypt’s former president. If Morsi was allowed to speak he would tell the World exactly what he said to the American government to have them stop the Israeli attack on Gaza in Nov 2012.

US threatened, pulls Israel out of Gaza: Richard Becker

Source Video: Press TV

What deal did Morsi broker with the US Government behind closed doors to have them halt the Israeli attack on Gaza? Could it have had anything to do with the Suez Canal? Because the Suez Canal is the single most Important and strategic area in the World to the Imperial Powers and to the Saudi's. Unfortunately, we will probably never know, but it certainly would explain the reason why the Saudi’s no longer liked Morsi or why the USA stopped the Israeli attack on the people of Gaza.

Indeed, what deal did Morsi strike with the Imperial powers to boldly side against Syria and to side with Israel, Saudi Arabia, the UK, and the USA? In all appearances, Morsi sold his soul and paid the price in a double deception...and now the Egyptian Military which is also under the US influence has Morsi in custody after taking him out in a Coup.

Everyone deserves a fair trial...but of course the USA, does not uphold justice as we see in the case of Bradley Manning after he exposed the US Military for War Crimes. I believe Morsi will receive a fate much worse since they will want him silenced on what transpired during Israel’s war on Gaza. Egypt's Military has imprisoned Morsi so it is doubtful that there will be justice served considering that they take their orders from the US Government. The trial alone has the potential to tear Egypt apart through sectarian lines. 

Morsi’s ouster was a tactical move on the part of the Western Imperial Powers. They removed Morsi from power, and at the same time, crushed the Egyptian peoples revolution through the sectarian division that rose with Morsi's ouster.

The Imperial powers have played their cards but they have been exposed by their actions and are very vulnerable should a sudden shift in position by the Egyptian people occur. If anything, the people, weather they are for or against Morsi are united in their hatred of the US and Israeli governments. If the people of Egypt take the road of reconciliation and move forward together to make real change, the Imperial Powers will lose and the people of Egypt will win.

Who Benefits from a Divided Egypt and Sectarian War throughout the Middle East?

In every single case, Israel and the Imperial Powers benefit, which tells you who and where the Egyptian governments and military commanders get their orders from.

The Egyptian people must unite if they do not want the Zionist Imperial forces to divide the peoples revolution. The Egyptian Military by its subservience to Washington is sending Egypt down the road of division, sectarian violence and chaos so that Israel can continue to destroy its neighbours in Syria, Lebanon and Palestine. The Egyptian people must rise up together and demand the end to the violence in Egypt and also very importantly, they must push to end of the siege on goes Gaza goes Egypt and the rest of the World.

At least 150 people killed in Egypt clashes

Final Thoughts:

The State of Israel and Saudi Arabia were created by the Imperial Powers to destroy any attempts by the Arabic people from uniting and becoming a power as they once were under the Ottoman Empire. The major reason is because a large portion of the Worlds oil and gas supply is under Arabic lands, and because Oil powers the Imperial Empires, they will do everything in their power to control it and thus will stop the people of the Arabic speaking nations from uniting or rule themselves.

Israel is their wedge in the Middle East and Saudi Arabia is their hammer. That is why Israel was created in 1948 and why there is a push by the Imperial powers to create sectarian war throughout the Middle East, Eurasia and Africa via Saudi Arabia. Egypt is now the latest victim in this evil plot.

Egypt is Palestine's Protector

Egypt must free itself from bondage by the Imperial powers and must continue to be the hope and protectors of the people of Palestine.

Palestine must be free and reunited for the people of ALL sects so that the native people of the region can live together in harmony once again…and that means a united rule that includes a peaceful coexistence between all sects and beliefs, be they Muslim, Christian or Jew. The enemies of peace are the ones pushing for sectarian division and sectarian dominated rule. They are easy to spot.

In the quest for independence, the Egyptian people must seek out unity amongst all sects with moral foundations help each other rebuild communities and rebuild the Egypt you envision.

The hope of the World rests on the actions that will be taken by the Egyptian people in the coming weeks. Don’t let the Imperial powers divide or stop you in your quest for freedom and unity of all Egypt and all Egyptian people.

In vision, empathy and respect, I pray for you.

Stewart Brennan
World United News

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