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A Real Solution for Egypt’s Crisis

UPDATED: 2015 May 02

By: Stewart Brennan
World United News 

After 2 years of political gridlock and outside meddling, the 2011 revolution that united the Egyptian people against a dictator (Hosni Mubarak) has reached a crossroads.

The June 30th 2013 uprising against Egypt’s President elect Morsi, organized or not, brought out millions of Egyptians into the streets to protest what they saw as a betrayal of the peoples trust economically, politically, and morally.

The Military, right or wrong, removed Morsi from power in a popular coup but has seemingly over stepped their bounds by imposing censorship on the Muslim Brotherhood and by not allowing a political solution to manifest through dialog.

Egypt’s future rests on a knifes edge as there has been no calls for reconciliation or extended hands of peace to work together for the sake of Egypt, and by all appearances it has been designed that way. Continuing down the current path will see Egypt descend into chaos and endless bloodshed much to the delight of those that pull the economic and political strings from the outside...unless a real solution is offered for the benefit of all Egyptians.

The Real Problem & A Real Solution

Economic Improvement is the point that all Egyptians can agree on and this solution resides within the Egyptian peoples hands. Prosperity for all Egyptians will unite all factions that are divided regardless of what irrational argument against morality and common sense is presented.

By Nationalizing the Banks and creating a debt free budget where Egypts own National Bank issues money to the government debt free, instead of borrowing money from outside institutions that charge compound interest, the road to the future will straighten right away. Once Egypt creates their own wealth with their own currency, there will be no new National debt because the money created will be spent into existence and not loaned into existence by Private Banks or International Banks such as the IMF or World Bank.

The problem is that Private Institutions are linked to Imperial nations who have designs on controlling Egypt. If Egypt Nationalizes the Private Banks and defaults on the IMF then Egypt will have kicked out the parasites from their economy. Egypt will NOT need Foreign Aid since money created by the National Bank of Egypt comes debt free.

The Nations budget will belong to Egyptians who will be able to set their own priorities with fair taxation without outside interference. Work projects and farming programs can be created from real government budgets to fulfill the needs of the nation.

Egypt will also need to “Nationalize their Resources” so that the profits made will go directly into the governing system that benefits the people, while directly building their future. Right now all the profits of Egyptian resources go into private pockets instead of building Egyptian society. There is no reason for Egypt to be in Poverty.

However, to bring about any kind of change to Egypt, the“People” and their leaders must sit down to iron out a new “Political and Social Constitution” to lead them down the path to unity. That new path begins with getting rid of the current electoral set-up so that outside interests and / or inside interests with deep pockets cannot hijack the political process. Cap the campaign donations to a minimum, disallow corporate funding of the political process, and do not allow outside interference of any sort in the political process.

Egypt needs to adopt a different runoff system and just have a straight election. Many people were isolated in the last election because their candidate was not included in the final runoff. Only 2 candidates contested in the end…this scenario will not work & must be changed to include the top 3 or 4 candidates. Those in control of Egypt right now must also allow all political parties interested in peaceful solutions for all Egyptians to take part in the elections. All violence must stop and their political leaders must not only speak out against violence but must also take action in this direction.

The Egyptian Military must also stop dealing with outside nations. You are Egyptians not proxies for foreign interests. All Military Aid must be rejected so that corruption and suspician of corruption will end. Create your own armaments if necessary and seek military ties that are beneficial to the Egyptian people and not the benefit of foreign Imperial nations.

There are many parasitic players outside Egypt’s borders that will stop at nothing to further their control of Egypt for their own gains, and you know who they are. (The USA, UK, France, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, etc…) Division within Egypt is what these players want at all costs because it drives a wedge between the peoples revolution and creates the ground for civil war while maintaining their economic, political, and corporate controls.

The Suez Canal is of strategic importance and as such the current Saudi and US sponsored upheaval is to maintain their control over it…the Egypian people must unite or the forces of Imperialism, Zionism, and Saudi terrorism will engulf Egypt…

If you want to find out who is against Egypt internally, put these idea’s of change on the table and see who rejects it…then you will know where the Insurrection is and who is behind it.

The only thing that can stop the Imperial powers and despotic kingdoms from destroying Egypt is a united people within Egypt. Cool heads must prevail here…let us see who steps up to offer an extended hand for the sake of Egypt…The status quo of Imperial domination over Egypt must be removed for Egyptians to live their lives in freedom.

I believe that the people of Egypt can save their country from falling into endless war and terrorism if they take a serious look and apply this solution…Peace be to all Egyptians.

Stewart Brennan

World United News


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